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Baby’s skin is really sensitive and easily irritated. Therefore, cotton has always been the common option when it comes to choosing clothing fabric for baby clothes. With baby girls, cotton-smocked dresses ensure that your little ones can still dress up like a princess while feeling comfortable.

In this article, K-Embroidery will help you list out the Top 10 cotton smocked baby dresses for you to choose from!

Is cotton the best material for babies?

Because it is breathable, soft, and kind to a baby’s sensitive skin, cotton is an excellent material for newborns. It absorbs moisture, helps control temperature, and lessens the chance of allergies or irritation. Overall, cotton is a comfortable and safe option for baby clothing and bedding.

Cotton fabric with natural origin will be the best choice for your baby
Cotton fabric with natural origin will be the best choice for your baby

Top 10 Best Cotton-Smocked Baby Dresses

Currently, smocking dresses are popular all over the world. Not only does it bring a feeling of comfort to your baby, but it also helps them become as gorgeous as princesses. Especially the hand-smocking models with extremely meticulous and beautiful patterns. Below are a few examples:

Pink Butterfly Smocking Dress For Girls - SG115 Mermaid Smocking Dress For Girls - SG113
Smocked Vip Dress Light Pink Endearing Red Smocked Geometric Dress
Bishop Smocked Dress Green Chrysanthemum Field Dress Cute Cartoon Character Smock Bishop Dress
smocked-bishop-dress-in-white-the-purity-sg149 Baby Girl's Sleeveless Chrysanthemum Dress - SG112
Smocked Bishop Dress Little Rabbit Embroidered Blue Smocking Dress With White Flowers - SG102

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Note when choosing to buy smocked baby dresses cotton

In general, cotton is a natural fabric, soft, breathable, absorbent, hypoallergenic and very durable, so it is very suitable for making children’s clothes. We got that. But if you simply ask the seller to provide “Cotton smocked baby clothes”, you may be deceived.

As an expert in the garment industry, I would like to note that there are some fabrics that look as soft as Cotton but the quality cannot be compared to Cotton. It can clump after the first wash or become rough, irritating your baby’s skin and making him very uncomfortable. This type of fabric is usually synthetic fabrics or cotton mixed with polyester. By mixing low-quality materials into the fabric, sellers can earn unjustified profits.

So what is the trick to identify 100% Cotton fabric?

Firstly, although the cotton fabric is soft and smooth, it still has a certain dryness and roughness. If you use your hands to touch the fabric and find it extremely soft and smooth, then this is not 100% cotton. Such fabric may contain Cotton, but other ingredients have been added to make the fabric softer. However, this reduces their ability to absorb sweat and can easily cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

Another way is to use your eyes to observe. Cotton fabric is easy to fold. Therefore, cotton baby dresses are easy to fold and crease.

In addition, you can also try burning a few fabric fibers to distinguish. Smocked dresses 100% cotton when burned, the ash will loosen and not clump.

how to identify cotton fabric
How to identify cotton fabric?

How to buy baby dresses at the cheapest price?

Buying in bulk is an effective way to help keep costs to a minimum. K-Embroidery is one of the largest embroidery companies in Vietnam. Our MOQ is only 30 dresses for global wholesale orders. This is a better opportunity for customers to own beautiful, quality cotton newborn dresses at the cheapest prices.