In Vietnam, we have a fairytale about a sweet young girl named Dâu. One day, she went to the forest with her mother and her beloved dog. But as they reached the middle of the hill, her dog suddenly ran off, and Dâu chased after it. After a while, Dâu found her dog eating a type of fruit she had never seen before. Curiously, she tasted it and found it delicious. She then gathered more of the fruit and brought it back for her mother and the villagers to enjoy.

Everyone loved this fruit and decided to name it after the girl, Dâu (Strawberry). They even created children's clothing featuring strawberry patterns to cherish the adorable story.

And our Strawberry Collection is a reimagining of that heartwarming tale, designed for sweet, cheerful, and energetic girls like little Dâu in the story. Therefore, hand-embroidered children's clothing products in K-Embroidery's Strawberry Collection have the main color tones of pink and red. That's why these dresses will be suitable for outings, camping trips or as birthday gifts for your baby.

Reasons why people all over the world love hand-smocked children clothes

Firstly, these clothes are made by talented artisans in Vietnam who put a lot of care and skill into crafting them. They're like pieces of art, not just ordinary clothes. When kids wear them, they stand out and get extra attention. Machine-made clothes that are mass-produced can't do that.

Each hand-smocked item takes a lot of hard work from the embroiderer. They have to focus and work for hours. That's why hand-smocked clothes are often more expensive than machine-smocked ones. The higher price reflects the skill and complexity involved in making these special clothes.

For children in middle-class and upper-class families, wearing hand-embroidered clothes can show off their parents' wealth and high status. Or it can simply be a way to express their love for strawberries and the unique embroidery style.

Why choose hand-smocked children’s clothes in the Strawberry Collection for special occasions?

  • Does your child like to wear bright and colorful clothes?
  • Does your daughter love the sweetness?
  • Is your family preparing to buy children’s clothes for occasions such as camping, picnics or birthdays?

If so, then the Strawberry Collection is the ideal choice. When we were kids, everyone loved strawberries, didn't we? So when you wear a dress from K-Embroidery's Strawberry Collection, every other girl will be curious and look up to your little princess.

Wholesale hand-smocked clothes for children at K-Embroidery - Great choice for your business

If you're a seller looking to buy a bunch of hand-smocked clothes for kids, K-Embroidery is the perfect place for you. We've been making these clothes for over 25 years and are the best in Vietnam. Let me explain why:

100% Hand-embroidery by Vietnamese workers: Our clothes are all stitched by hand by a team of over 380 skilled artisans from Vietnam. They put a lot of effort into making each piece and pay attention to even the tiniest details. That's why the designs they create are fancy and stylish.

Meets intricate embroidery patterns: Our hand embroidery can handle even the most complicated designs. It's different from machine embroidery because it can create more detailed patterns. K-Embroidery takes pride in making fancy clothes with really intricate embroidery.

High quality materials: We use top-quality materials like cotton, linen, and silk. These ensure that the clothes are well-made. The embroidery thread we use is from a trusted brand called Trung Dung, so you can trust that the craftsmanship is excellent.

20% cheaper than the general market: Our clothes are surprisingly 5-20% cheaper compared to other places. We are both entrepreneurs, so we all know that if you buy a lot, it can save you a good amount of money.

Fast production time for wholesalers: We're also efficient in making the clothes. Even though hand smocking takes time, our artisans can complete wholesale orders in 7-40 days. That's faster than other embroidery companies in Vietnam.

Dedicated 24/7 customer service: K-Embroidery is always here to assist you. Our customer service is available 24/7, even if you have problems at 3-4 a.m. We want to build long-term relationships with our partners and are happy to support you even after your order is delivered.

Price list of hand-smocked children’s clothes at K-Embroidery

Take a look at the wholesale price list for our hand-embroidered children's clothes at K-Embroidery. The prices are listed in USD and may change based on the quantity you order (minimum of 100 pieces and maximum of 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the greater the discount you'll receive!

We keep our price list up to date, so you can always stay informed about the latest promotions. If you don't want to miss out on any exciting deals, feel free to reach out to us directly via Whatsapp at +84 85 555 5961.

Order Instruction

Below are detailed ordering instructions from K-Embroidery for wholesalers who want to order hand-smocked children’s clothes in bulk.



Warranty Policy

Not many wholesale embroidery companies dare to promise to refund or exchange customers when errors occur. On the other hand, K-Embroidery puts reputation first, always wanting long-term cooperation with all customers. Therefore, we have developed a very specific guarantee policy as follows:



If you have any questions or want to order hand-smocked children’s clothes in bulk, feel free to contact K-Embroidery at the following contact information:

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