The origin of the pouch can be traced back to around 3000 BC. The oldest natural mummy found to date, known as Ötzi the Iceman, was discovered with a pouch sewn to his belt.

Over the decades, the pouch has developed a lot in terms of aesthetics, not only serving the purpose of storing things, but also being a piece of jewelry for the upper class. But not all types are popular, hand-embroidered pouches are above all due to the complexity of the details in them.

Why choose a hand-embroidered pouch over a machine-made one?

Firstly, they're made by skilled artisans who put a lot of care into crafting intricate designs by hand. This personal touch makes each pouch special and one-of-a-kind, something machines just can't match.

Secondly, these pouches are all about attention to detail. Artisans take their time to make sure every stitch is just perfect, creating a finished product that looks really classy and elegant. That's why hand-embroidered products often cost a bit more than machine-made ones.

Lastly, they're made from high-quality materials like silk, which not only make your child feel comfortable but also last a very long time. Everyone will be amazed every time your baby goes out with a pouch strapped to their waist.

Why choose K-Embroidery pouches for your lovely princesses?

Do you want your little princess to always be confident when going out? Do you want her to always attract everyone's attention? Then the K-Embroidery bag will play its role well. The pouch is designed with all 3 sizes, S, M, L, and will help your baby store personal items or fashion accessories. In addition, the elegant and colorful flower design will definitely make your princess stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, pouches are particularly well-suited for:

- Princesses are confident and want to be the center of attention

- Parents or relatives want to buy it as a gift for their baby on special days.

- Wholesale buyers looking for cute pouch designs.

Wholesale hand embroidered pouches at K-Embroidery - Best choice for your business

We're the top choice for vendors looking to buy handmade embroidered pouches in bulk. With over 25 years of experience, we're Vietnam's leading manufacturer in this field, offering top-quality products.

100% Hand-Embroidered: Our pouches are all meticulously hand-embroidered by a team of over 380 highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese workers. These craftsmen are known for their expertise, and at K-Embroidery, we're committed to creating luxurious hand-embroidered pouches.

Intricate Embroidery Patterns: Our hand-embroidered pouches can bring even the most complex and detailed designs to life, unlike machine embroidery. We take pride in producing classy pouch models that meet sophisticated patterns.

High-Quality Materials: Our pouches are made using top-notch materials - 100% silk. We use embroidery thread from Trung Dung, a leading thread brand in Vietnam. These materials ensure that we create high-end handmade embroidered pouches.

Pay Less: Our pouches are priced 5-20% cheaper than the general market, making K-Embroidery a cost-effective option, especially for bulk orders.

Fast Production Time: Despite the time-consuming nature of hand embroidery, our highly skilled team at K-Embroidery allows us to complete wholesale orders in just 7-40 days. That's at least 10 days faster than any other embroidery company in Vietnam.

24/7 Customer Service: We're dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our enthusiastic support team is available 24/7, even after your order has been delivered. Why? Simply, we value long-term cooperation with our partners.

Price list of handmade embroidered pouches

Below is the wholesale price list of hand-embroidered pouches at K-Embroidery. Prices are calculated in USD and vary depending on the quantity of products (minimum is 100 pieces and maximum is 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the less you pay.

We will update the price list regularly. To not miss the latest promotions, contact us directly via Whatsapp: +84 85 555 5961 for more advice!

Order Instruction

Below are detailed ordering instructions from K-Embroidery for wholesalers who want to order hand embroidered pouches in bulk.



Warranty Policy

Not many wholesale embroidery establishments dare to promise to refund or exchange goods for customers when errors occur because of complicated shipping issues. On the other hand, K-Embroidery puts reputation first, always wanting long-term cooperation with all customers. Therefore, we have developed a very specific warranty policy as follows:



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