If you want to order sample for your custom design, clearly describe your custom designs to us via WhatsApp or Email. Please specify your style, the smock pattern (must be a clear picture), material, and fabric. After receiving the information, we will send a sale supporter to respond to you immediately. 

* We have 2D design service, so if you need it, Contact us right now!

If you want to order sample with designs available on the website, Follow these steps below: 

Step 1: Access the website

Access the website via the link: https://k-embroidery.com/. You do not need to log in. All information on our website is publicly.


Step 2: Choose products you want to order sample

Choose products, sizes, quantity and add to Inquiry Basket ( You can select multiple products into the shopping cart). 



Step 3: Check your Inquiry Basket

Here is what is inside your Inquiry Basket. You need to fill out all information in the contact form on the right so we can contact you in the best way. 


After receiving the information, we will send a sales person to support you with all the information as well as guide you through the detailed ordering process. Check your mailbox regularly so you don’t miss any messages from K-embroidery.


  • Please ensure you have read Our Sample Policy carefully before ordering. 
  • The website does not integrate a payment gateway, you cannot pay directly through the website. Follow your sales supporter’s instructions.
  • The price on the website is not the final. You need to agree with your sales support on the price, shipping costs and related costs.