Tablecloths were first mentioned by the Latin poet Martial around 100 AD. Before that, the Romans, who liked to dine luxuriously, used linen to make hand-embroidered tablecloths. For centuries, linen has remained the fabric of choice and hand-embroidered tablecloth remains popular with buyers for its luxury and exclusivity.

The beauty of hand-embroidered tablecloths still has a strong appeal to buyers that machine-embroidered tablecloths cannot match. If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy hand-embroidered tablecloths in bulk, K-Embroidery will be the first answer that comes to your mind.

Why is hand-embroidered tablecloth the number 1 choice?

Hand-embroidered tablecloths are often considered the best choice for many reasons. First, it was created by skilled artisans who used their hands to create intricate designs on fabric. This personal touch adds a unique and special quality to the tablecloth that machines cannot replicate.

Second, hand-embroidered tablecloths are often made with great attention to detail. The artisans take time to ensure that every stitch is perfect and that the design is symmetrical and balanced.

This level of craftsmanship creates a tablecloth that looks sophisticated and elegant. And that is also the reason why hand-embroidered tablecloths often cost more than machine-made products.

Third, hand-embroidered tablecloths are often made from high-quality materials. Artisans often use fine fabrics such as linen or silk, which not only create a luxurious feel but also have long-lasting durability. These tablecloths can withstand frequent use and are less likely to tear or wear out quickly.

Finally, for middle-class and upper-class families, owning hand-embroidered napkins on the table helps demonstrate wealth and high status in society. Or it's simply the way they enjoy life and their elegant hobby.

Why choose K-Embroidery napkins for your dinner table?

Why do restaurants use high-quality hand-embroidered tablecloths for their dining tables? Because they want to create an atmosphere of luxury and distinction, ensuring that every diner feels valued and special. Similarly, when you are a homeowner, you also seek to enhance your family's dining experience and beautify your living space. Additionally, by using tablecloths, you can make your guests feel appreciated when they visit your home.

Therefore, tablecloths are particularly well-suited for:

- Meticulous hosts who strive for the perfect decorative style for their gatherings, ensuring that every detail contributes to a memorable experience.

- Homeowners who frequently entertain important guests for meals and business discussions, as a well-dressed table communicates professionalism and attention to detail.

- Homeowners who pay close attention to every aspect of their dining table and overall home decor, ensuring that the aesthetics of their living space are consistently cohesive and visually appealing.

You can find exquisite tablecloths printed, embroidered or decorated with additional edge details at K-Embroidery, our products have the following advantages:

- Add a fresh touch to your dining area by using tablecloths to capture the atmosphere or mood you desire. You just need an embroidered tablecloths can enhance the elegant atmosphere of a luncheon.

- K-Embroidery luxury tablecloths are not only soft and comfortable to the touch, but are also easy to maintain as they can be easily cleaned at home.

- In addition to luxury dinners, K-Embroidery's tablecloths can be used for many other occasions such as outdoor parties or special holidays.

Wholesale hand embroidered tablecloths at K-Embroidery - Excellent choice for your business

K-Embroidery is the best choice for vendors who want to buy wholesale handmade embroidered tablecloths. With over 25 years of experience, we are Vietnam's leading manufacturer in this field, offering top-quality products.

100% Hand-embroidered: Our tablecloths are 100% hand-embroidered by a team of 380+ highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese workers. These workers are known for their craftsmanship, and K-Embroidery is dedicated to creating luxurious hand-embroidered tablecloths.

Meets intricate embroidery patterns: Our hand-embroidered tablecloths can fulfill even the most complex and detailed designs, unlike machine embroidery. K-Embroidery takes pride in creating classy tablecloth models that meet sophisticated patterns.

Top-notch materials: The tablecloths are made with high-quality materials such as cotton, linen, and silk. The embroidery thread used comes from a leading thread brand in Vietnam called Trung Dung. These materials ensure that we produce top-notch handmade embroidered tablecloths.

20% cheaper than the general market: The prices of our products are 5-20% cheaper than the general market, making K-Embroidery a cost-effective option, especially for bulk orders.

Fast production time: Despite the time-consuming nature of hand embroidery, K-Embroidery has a strong team of highly skilled workers, allowing us to have a production time of only 7-40 days for all wholesale orders. This is at least 10 days faster than any other embroidery company in Vietnam.

24/7 customer service: K-Embroidery is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We offer enthusiastic support 24/7, even after the order has been successfully delivered, as we value long-term cooperation with our partners.

Price list of handmade embroidered tablecloths

Below is the wholesale price list of hand-embroidered tablecloths at K-Embroidery. Prices are calculated in USD and vary depending on the quantity of products (minimum is 100 pieces and maximum is 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the less you pay.

We will update the price list regularly. To not miss the latest promotions, contact us directly via Whatsapp: +84 85 555 5961 for enthusiastic advice!

Order Instruction

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Warranty Policy

Not many wholesale embroidery companies dare to promise to refund or exchange customers when errors occur. On the other hand, K-Embroidery puts reputation first, always wanting long-term cooperation with all customers. Therefore, we have developed a very specific guarantee policy as follows:



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