When spring and summer have arrived, parents are looking for smocked sundress models for their little princesses. This is the ideal outfit for little girls to wear on a special occasion or any day out.

At K-Embroidery, we create smocked sundresses for girls entirely by hand and export them all over the world. If you are looking for a place where you can buy wholesale handmade smocked sundress with the cheapest price, then you've come to the right place.


What is a smocked sundress? 

People first heard about sundresses when they appeared in the collections of famous designer Carolyn Schnurer in the 1940s. With their sleek fabrics and imaginative prints, they quickly took over feelings of the viewer.

Over time, sundresses have evolved to be more comfortable and casual, featuring sun protection and anti-wrinkle properties. Therefore, it becomes an indispensable outfit in little girls' wardrobes, especially on hot summer days.


Sundresses are commonly crafted from airy and lightweight materials such as cotton, silk, or linen, making them ideal for warm and humid conditions. Typically sleeveless or adorned with thin straps, these dresses are tailored for hot weather comfort. Sundresses come in various hemlines, ranging from mini to full-length, although midi to maxi lengths are the most prevalent. Additionally, sundresses offer diverse neckline options, including wide necklines, v-necks, scoop necks, or halters, providing a range of choices for different styles and preferences.


To give the sundresses a different highlight, K-Embroidery used hand smocking patterns. Our smocked sundress for girls has been widely accepted and used around the world.

What makes K-Embroidery's hand smocked sundresses loved worldwide?

The great thing about hand smocked sundresses is that they can be used for any occasion. Simple, comfortable, but also luxurious enough to turn little girls into beautiful princesses. What makes K-Embroidery's hand smocked sundresses different from the rest, is that they are created 100% by hand, by experienced Vietnamese workers.


We are always confident that our wholesale hand smocked sundresses are the best in the world. From the material to every needle and thread, it shows top precision. This is guaranteed by the expert workmanship of Vietnamese tailors.

Wholesale hand smocked sundresses at K-Embroidery - Great choice for your business

K–Embroidery stands as the premier manufacturer specializing in meticulously hand-smoked and embroidered children's clothing in Vietnam. With an impressive legacy of over 25 years, our expertise lies in crafting boutique-quality garments exclusively tailored for babies. Our commitment to excellence extends to international markets, as we proudly export our creations worldwide.


Several compelling reasons make K-Embroidery the preferred choice for your children's clothing business:

- Product diversity: Our catalog has more than 120+ hand smocked sundress models and the R&D department is still developing many new models.

- Professional services: Ready to support 24/7 even after the order has been completed.

- Best price: Clear discount policy for wholesale customers. Always be the cheapest smocked sundresses manufacturer in the market.

Wholesale price list of handmade smocked sundress

Below is the wholesale price list of hand smocked dresses at K-Embroidery. Price is calculated in USD, and varies based on product quantity (smallest is 100 pieces and largest is 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the bigger the discount policy you will receive.

Eg: Order Quantity is 500 pieces, you will get a discount by 4%. So, the cost is 500pcs x Sale Price x 96%.


How to buy wholesale smocked sundresses at K-Embroidery?

Below are ordering instructions for wholesale customers at K-Embroidery:



Our production time for bulk order

Presently, K-Embroidery offers wholesale smocked dresses (smocked bishop dresses & smocked sundresses) with a production timeframe of 30-40 days for bulk orders. Notably, the step in our process that demands the most time is the Sewing phase, spanning approximately 3-14 days. Because we embroider entirely by hand, it may not be as fast as machine embroidery. But in return, the quality of the product you receive will not disappoint you.

Our current production timeline stands at least 5-15 days faster than any companies in the world.


Our Warranty Policy

Unlike many wholesale embroidery companies that shy away from commitments regarding refunds or exchanges in the event of errors, K-Embroidery prioritizes its reputation and strives for long-term cooperation with all customers. To underscore our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have meticulously formulated a specific guarantee policy as follows:



If you have any questions or want to order wholesale smocked sundresses, please contact K-Embroidery at the following contact information:

📞 Phone & Whatsapp & WeChat: +84 85 555 5961

✉️ Email: info@k-embroidery.com

🌍 Office: 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Vietnam