Smocked bishop dress for baby girl is always enthusiastically sought after by mothers around the world. Don't miss the opportunity to buy the cheapest smocked bishop dresses wholesale at K-Embroidery.

What is a smocked bishop dress?

Smocked bishop dresses are one of the most traditional dresses for babies and girls. This type of embroidered dress has a spacious, comfortable design and can be used for many different occasions.

For a bishop dress to be authentic, it must be smocked by hand from the neckline out to the shoulders with raglan sleeves. The front, back and shoulders are all smocked at the same time, creating a decorative round yoke. 


You can recognize the smocked bishop dress through its characteristic short sleeves design: it can be close to the armpit or a little longer (raglan sleeves) as described in the photo below: 


Two different sleeve styles of the bishop dress

Most bishop dresses look quite similar, but there are a few variations, with sleeves (as mentioned above) and in how the closure is done. Some bishop dresses open on the shoulder, some in the front, but most common is a back closure.

Why are K-Embroidery's hand-smocked loved worldwide?

A common advantage of bishop dresses is that they seem to fit better than any other style of dress. To have an authentic smocked bishop dress, they must be hand-smocked from the neckline out to the shoulders with raglan sleeves. The front, back and shoulders are all smocked at the same time, creating a decorative round yoke. That is why K-Embroidery products always win the trust of customers. Simply because our products are 100% HAND SMOCKED by experienced Vietnamese tailors.


We are always confident that our wholesale smocked dress products are the best in the world. From the material to every needle and thread, it shows top precision. This is guaranteed by the expert workmanship of Vietnamese tailors.

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K–Embroidery is the number 1 manufacturer of hand-smoked and embroidered children's clothing in Vietnam. We have over 25 years of experience in creating high-end boutique quality clothing exclusively designed for babies and exporting all over the world.

top 1 wholesale embroidery company

Some reasons why K-Embroidery becomes the first choice for your children's clothing business:

  • Product diversity: Our catalog has more than 120+ bishop smock dress models and the R&D department is still developing many new models.
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Wholesale price list of hand-smocked bishop dresses

Below is the wholesale price list of hand smocked bishop dresses at K-Embroidery. Price is calculated in USD, and varies based on product quantity (smallest is 100 pieces and largest is 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the bigger the discount policy you will receive.

Eg: Order Quantity is 500 pieces, you will get a discount by 4%. So, the cost is 500pcs x Sale Price x 96%.

price list of hand-smocked bishop dresses

How to buy wholesale smocked bishop dresses at K-Embroidery?

Instructions for wholesale customers at K-Embroidery: 


Production time for bulk order

Our production time is about 30-40 days for bulk orders. Among them, the Step that takes the longest time is Sewing (about 3-14 days). Because we sew entirely by hand, it may not be as fast as machine embroidery. But in return, the quality of the smocked bishop dresses you receive will not disappoint you.

Our production time is currently at least 5-15 days faster than other companies.

production time for bulk order

Warranty policies

Not many wholesale embroidery companies dare to promise to refund or exchange customers when errors occur. On the other hand, K-Embroidery is real hand embroidery factory with real workers, and clear policies. We put reputation first, always wanting long-term cooperation with all customers. Therefore, we have developed a very specific guarantee policy as follows:

warranty policy


If you have any questions or want to purchase a smocked bishop dress wholesale, please contact K-Embroidery at the following contact information:

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