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You plan to open your first children’s fashion store. Are you wondering how to buy children’s clothes wholesale?

Don’t worry, this is not your problem alone. As a boutique owner for over 5 years, I have gathered a lot of experience that I think will help your store.

First, let’s talk a little about the potential of this market

According to data from Statista.com, when compared globally, the US is the country generating the highest revenue in the children’s clothing market. By 2024, the revenue in the Children’s Clothing market in the United States amounts to USD 53.78 billion, The market is predicted to grow annually by 1.78% (CAGR 2024-2028).

Behind the US is the UK. The children’s clothing market here is also very large. Statista.com estimates the UK children’s clothing market is worth more than £6 billion a year, not to mention the children’s footwear market which is estimated to be worth £1.5 billion.

We are seeing a steady increase in demand for children’s clothing year after year. This is understandable because the world’s population continues to grow every year and the need for clothing always exists. Changing trends force buyers to do a complete 180-degree change in their wardrobes, and that will definitely help you generate more profits throughout the year.

If you are planning to enter the children’s fashion market, then congratulations, it has great potential. But it certainly won’t be easy, because it comes with high competition.

how to buy children’s clothes wholesale

A new kids’ and baby clothes retailer will face many challenges, from budget, legal documents,… to management and marketing,… Another important thing is that they will need to find a trusted source of wholesale children’s clothing. And in this article, we will only focus on solving this problem.

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Why is it almost mandatory to buy wholesale children’s clothing?

The ultimate goal of any store owner is profit. If you want high profits, minimizing input costs is the best way. Importing goods from other retailers is often a far too expensive way of gathering inventory.

For this reason, you should find a familiar wholesale supplier and import goods from that source. This helps you increase your profit margins and allows you to create a more sustainable and viable business journey.

How children’s clothing wholesalers work

Wholesalers often supply retailers with bulk orders at prices many times lower than what the average customer would pay. The larger the order, the higher the discount you can receive. Large wholesalers may use third parties to act as intermediaries between them and store owners. While smaller wholesalers often prefer to work directly with you.

If you build strong relationships with major children’s clothing wholesalers, you will have the opportunity to purchase products at better prices.

how to buy children’s clothes wholesale

A small note: Don’t buy from the first person or company that you speak with, shop around. During the first year of business, many friends contacted me and said that they were agents without intermediaries from the factory. However, later I realized that there are some agents that are better than them and they only act as third and fourth intermediaries, etc. Therefore, it is better to go to direct factories.

Buy from domestic or foreign children’s clothing wholesalers?

This is a common question and there is no fixed answer to this.

If you are thinking about China, be careful not to get scammed. There are good and bad suppliers and the best way is through a company like Alibaba (although they have suppliers from all over the world, they are mainly in China). They have money guarantees, they protect you from paying suppliers, helping to minimize risk.

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Of course, if you can find a good company or supplier in your country, that’s great, but you won’t always get the same profit margin as when importing from China or some Asian countries (such as India, Thailand, Vietnam – places with extremely cheap labor costs). However, you also have to think about the import tax for your Country. If you are in the US, unfortunately China is not a good choice. The taxt rate in recent years on products from China have been very high. In addition, the quality of goods from China is always suspect.

Buying from abroad has its problems but it’s not difficult and once you’ve built a relationship with a company you usually shouldn’t have any problems. I highly recommend you to buy children’s clothes from Vietnam. In the past 10 years, this country has been a promised land for traders around the world: diverse products, extremely good quality, and always fulfilling commitments.

Be aware that the culture and attitudes may be different from yours and this may take some getting used to.

For example: I order quite a lot from India and they often promise the world that they rarely deliver late. But in reality, they almost always exceed the time allotted for shipping or completing the job. Now I’m so used to it, I know and always allow for delays even though I constantly push to get there early.

What product line to choose for business?

Are you wondering about the type of children’s clothing you will sell? My advice is to choose a niche in children’s clothing instead of trying to open a children’s clothing store with generic items. You can choose an age group such as newborns, boys or girls or a certain product line such as hand-embroidered children’s clothes or cute smocked dresses for girls.

You can also try to develop your own brand, but it will definitely take a lot of time, and you will have to do very well in marketing. In return, the profits can be very high if you are successful.

Choosing a niche also makes it cheaper to start your business because you will only need to import a small number of clothes. Remember that for each design and product, your store will need a variety of sizes, and this can be expensive. At this point, you might be thinking about something like baseball caps for children, as they tend to come in one size and fit everyone.

newborn smocked romper

So where to buy wholesale children’s clothes?

First, try searching online, most store owners I know buy most of their products online.

Additionally, you can also search for wholesale suppliers of children’s clothing on social networks. Many suppliers showcase their products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, with full contact information.

Trade shows are also great places to make purchases and meet suppliers. Some cities like Las Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta hold clothing events several times a year. These events are like an old brick-and-mortar shopping model for your store. You can visit the booths, walk around, talk to many people, if you have enough energy, I guess it will be helpful because meeting in person is always better. I have personally attended the Magic Show, the Off Price Show and the ASD shows, all of which are worth your time.

Most of the large and reputable children’s clothing suppliers on the market today have their own websites, so search diligently on Google. However, before making a decision about where to buy clothes, clarify the following:

  1. Is their website professional?
  2. Do they have a customer guarantee policy?
  3. How long have they been in operation?
  4. Do customers rate them well?
  5. Do they guarantee delivery time?

Finally, don’t miss out on finding children’s clothing suppliers on e-commerce platforms. Some famous B2B e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, Global Resources Network, etc., these are excellent children’s clothing wholesale platforms that I would like to recommend to you.

Suggestions for the best e-commerce platforms to buy wholesale children’s clothes

1. Alibaba 

I highly recommend using Alibaba as your go-to platform for product outsourcing wholesale. Renowned for its extensive product offerings at competitive bulk rates, Alibaba fosters direct connections between businesses and global manufacturers, bypassing intermediary costs and securing the best prices. With buyer protection policies in place, the platform ensures safe transactions while fostering trust and minimizing risk. Moreover, Alibaba enables businesses to collaborate with manufacturers for product customization tailored to specific needs. By delivering convenience, variety, cost-effectiveness, security, and personalization, Alibaba firmly establishes itself as a prime choice for wholesale product outsourcing.

Buy children's clothes on Alibaba

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2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the major and most popular online trading platforms that backs up B2B wholesale operations. Also known as a retail titan and a US-based forum. You can buy clothes from this website from anywhere in the globe.

3. Made in China

Made in China is one of the famous online B2B markets, which connects global buyers with qualified manufacturers and suppliers. With its experience in the field of e-commerce, it is known as the most outstanding site, good at providing quality-based services for various products of baby clothing and textiles.

4. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is purely a B2B eCommerce platform serving the world with a wide range of products. The company has long maintained its reputation as the consumer’s first choice as well as global buyers and sellers of industrial products. Baby clothing, maternity items and baby care items is another category that eWorldTrade specializes in and offers a wide selection.

5.Global Resources

A website to take you closer to all the Chinese buyers and suppliers. This platform is eminent for its competence and services. You can expect to find good range of apparel deals from a large number of Chinese suppliers via this website.

6. Tradewheel.com

It is one of the fastest growing online trading platforms that is the greatest place to find affordable trendy children clothing deals from across the world. With TradeWheel, you can find and buy clothes easily. The website has a vast variety of trendy options to choose from. Since it operates globally, you can find worldwide trendy children clothing suppliers here.

How to buy children’s clothes wholesale with K-Embroidery 

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