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According to MF Data and Statistics 2022, there are around 394 embroidery digitizing companies in Canada. Among all those companies, finding a reliable one can be challenging if you are a newbie in this field.

Born and raised in a traditional Vietnamese embroidered town, I have been surrounded by the embroidery industry my entire life. I have also worked with top embroidery suppliers in the US, UK, Nigeria, and China. That assures me that I have sufficient experience to identify a reputable embroidery factory with which to begin doing business. 

In this article, I will provide you the information on the top 10 best embroidery digitizing companies in Canada. Let’s see what those names are right away. 

1. Top 10 Largest Embroidery Companies In Canada

Using the previously mentioned selection criteria, we have created a list of the top 10 largest embroidery companies in Canada.

1.1. R&P Prints

Modern embroidery printing services are provided by R&P Prints, a Toronto, Canada-based business that has long served the local populace and companies. The workforce at R&P Prints is skilled and knowledgeable, having worked with embroidered printing in Canada for many years.


  • Business products: embroidery products, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, …
  • Price: $20 – $25
  • Processing time: around 30 – 40 days

Only cutting-edge manual and automated screen printing machinery is used by R&P Prints. We promise to always deliver excellent print results because we specialize in custom silk screen printing and embroidery for t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, and much more.

R&P Prints strives to offer top-notch client support. Our devoted, skillful, and professional team of colleagues will collaborate with you at every stage to meet your deadlines and stay within your budget.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 620 Supertest Rd, Units 10-11, Toronto, ON M3J 2M5
  • Local phone: 647-347-2643
  • Email: info@printscanada.com
  • Website: printscanada.com/services/embroidery
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/screenprintingcanada

1.2. Wildrose Garments

Wildrose Garments provides high-quality embroidery services that can help you design your workwear and make it look more professional and unique. Embroidery, among other benefits, aids in brand awareness, teamwork, product promotion, and staff identity. When it comes to cost-effective marketing, custom embroidery can help your firm gain a competitive advantage.


  • Business products: Coveralls, Parkas, Bib Pants, Welder Coveralls, Shop Coats, Company Jackets, Hospitality Garments,…
  • Price: from $15 to $25
  • Processing time: 30 – 75 days

Whether you want your company’s logo or contact information embroidered on occupational apparel, they have the tools and abilities to create your workwear at a reasonable cost.

Many firms utilize embroidery on company apparel because it produces a professional, clean appearance that is great for marketing your company’s brand. Wildrose Garments is committed to customizing your workwear to reflect your company’s culture and identity.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 8220 – 125 Ave Edmonton, AB T5B 4W3 CANADA
  • Local phone: (780) 451-6122
  • Email: info@wildrosegarments.com
  • Website: www.wildrosegarments.com/embroidery-service

1.3. Design Plus Embroidery

Design Plus Embroidery delivers high-quality custom embroidery, screen printing, and logo digitizing. They provide excellent customer service and prices that cannot be topped! Design Plus Embroidery builds strong business ties with its customers via devotion, commitment, experience, and competence.


  • Business products: Golf shirts, jackets, team wear, hats, bags, and coolers…
  • Price: from $15 to $30
  • Processing time: 20 – 40 days

Established in 1994, Design Plus Embroidery has provided professional embroidery and screen printing services to the promotional marketing industry. Based in Toronto, the company has served clients in Canada and the United States. All accompanying duties, such as graphic design, digitization, embroidery, and screen printing, are completed in-house.  

The company specializes in fulfillment and drop shipping services for clients in Canada and the United States. The organization is happy to have developed a sustainable business by providing consistent, dependable, and accountable services over the years.  Their delight is in having great and dedicated long-term staff that consistently inspire confidence and faith in our “on-time services” to our clients.  They value repeat and referral business. 

Contact Information:

  • Local phone: (416) 321 – 9642
  • Website: designplusembroidery.ca

1.4. Creative Gant Printing Inc

They are a wholesale screen printing and embroidery firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their trained specialists exclusively utilize high-quality printing inks, which results in long-lasting prints. They take pleasure in employing environmentally friendly, water-based inks that are free of dangerous chemicals and pollutants, resulting in a safe and sustainable printing process. 

Creative Gant Printing Inc

  • Business products: T-shirts, sportswear, workwear, bags, and headwear.
  • Price: from $20 to $35
  • Processing time: 15- 30 days

We provide a wide range of printing techniques, such as screen printing and embroidery. Our screen printing is great for large orders with basic designs. Our embroidery service is ideal for putting a professional touch to your work or corporate attire.

Creative Gant Printing Inc. employs an in-house graphic designer who can assist you with your design needs. Their designer may assist you in creating bespoke designs or tweaking existing designs to improve their appearance. They employ the most recent design software to ensure that your design appears amazing on any cloth product.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 9628 58 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6C1
  • Local phone:  (780) 430-9530
  • Email: info@creativegiant.ca
  • Website: creativegiant.ca
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/CreativeGiantPrinting
  • Twitter: twitter.com/CRGiantPrinting

1.5. SK Group

Born in the family garage in 1992, SK Group Inc. began its life selling pre-printed wearables at events in and around the Algoma region of Ontario. Their mission is to service all clients with unparalleled consistency and quality with a strong focus on the customer experience from project concept to completion. 


  • Business products: T-shirts, sportswear, workwear, bags, and headwear.
  • Price: from $20 to $35
  • Processing time: 15- 30 days

SK Group Inc.’s growth and success are due to the dedication of its team, the ongoing support of its clients, and the importance of maintaining solid relationships. We believe in creating imprinting solutions that reinforce your brand, streamline your operations, and help you achieve your objectives.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 238 Queen St E, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada  P6A 1Y7
  • Local phone:  705-942-2148; 1-877-353-3393
  • Email: thepros@skgroupinc.com
  • Website: www.skgroupinc.com

1.6. Coastal Reign

Coastal Reign is a personalized apparel brand headquartered in Canada. Our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality screen printing, embroidery, direct film transfer printing, and sublimation on a wide range of personalized clothes, allowing companies, schools, and sports teams to stand out.


  • Business products: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, patches, socks,…
  • Price: from $10 to $35
  • Processing time: 10 – 15 days

They pride themselves on making the custom clothing ordering process as simple and risk-free as possible. They create high-quality bespoke apparel mockups with your brand before accepting payments, so you know exactly what you’re getting before committing. They also provide free shipping across Canada and the United States. Place your order online or call them today to discuss your bespoke clothing needs!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 4311 Hazelbridge Way #1615 Parker Place Shopping Centre, Richmond, BC V6X 3L7, Canada
  • Local phone:  888-210-3971
  • Email: sales@coastalreign.com
  • Website: coastalreign.com

1.7. Punchline Embroidery Center

Since 1995, they have served consumers across Canada, the United States, and Japan from their headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia.  They will use “Tajima” computerized embroidery equipment and cutting-edge “Pulse Signature” digitizing software to produce the highest quality items possible.  Their in-house skilled digitizing process guarantees that each embroidered work meets the highest standards.


  • Business products: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, dress shirts, aprons, coveralls,…
  • Price: from $20 to $35
  • Processing time: 10 – 15 days

We consider artwork to be print-ready if it fits the following criteria and no more revisions are necessary in-house. To avoid additional printing expenses (incurred when our designers are required to make final modifications before printing), please ensure that if you are giving us print-ready artwork, you have reviewed the standards below and that your material is indeed print-ready.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Unit 1615, Parker Place II, 4311 Hazelbridge Way Richmond, B.C. Canada V6X 3L7
  • Local phone:  604-303-0309
  • Email: unchline303@gmail.com
  • Website: www.punchlineembroidery.com

1.8. West Coast Monograms

West Coast Monograms is a Canadian leader in high-quality embroidery, custom logo garments, and promotional products. Simply put, they print your team’s brand logo on apparel and physical marketing materials.


  • Business products: Logo digitizing on different apparel,…
  • Price: from $10 to $25
  • Processing time: 15- 30 days

West Coast Monograms is proud to be at the forefront of Canadian embroidery quality, specializing in bespoke logo garments and promotional items. Their devoted team ensures that your company’s logo is expertly produced and flawlessly integrated into a wide range of high-quality garments and tangible marketing materials. They boost your brand’s image by focusing on precision and detail, providing a tailored solution for expressing your corporate identity through personalized and striking apparel. Choose West Coast Monograms for a professional look that distinguishes your team.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 3745 Delbrook Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7N 3Z4, Canada
  • Local phone: 604-980-5504
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/westcoastmonograms
  • Website: www.westcoastmonograms.com

1.9. Central Crests Ltd

Central Crests is a proud family-owned and run business that began in 1972. For almost 40 years, their major goal has been customer satisfaction. They take pleasure in their professionalism, completing work in a timely manner at a competitive price for you, our client.


  • Business products: Embroidery, Chenille, Chain Stitch, Customized Jerseys, Heat Press Vinyl, Garment Transfers,…
  • Price: from $12 to $20
  • Processing time: 15- 30 days

Clients from a range of professions, including movie productions, restaurants, schools, and organized sports, rely on them for their uniforms and clothes because of their superb craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and extensive industry experience.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 1495 Venables Street – 2nd Floor, Vancouver
  • Local phone: 604-251-1454
  • Email: centralcrests@telus.net
  • Website: www.centralcrests.com

1.10. Marshmallow Monkey Design Inc

Marshmallow Monkey Design Inc. was founded in 2011. Their purpose is to incorporate creative concepts into ordinary things. They specialize in personalized accessories and embroidery. They may assist you in creating one-of-a-kind gifts, promoting an event, or personalizing products. Big or little ideas can always begin here.

Marshmallow Monkey Design Inc

  • Business products: Embroidery logo, Custom Apparel Printing,…
  • Price: from $12 to $20
  • Processing time: 15- 30 days

Marshmallow Monkey Design Inc. specializes in personalized t-shirts and hats, and they offer a wide choice of colors to suit different consumer tastes.

 Furthermore, their embroidered logos are noteworthy due to their talent in blending colors to create complex designs. Overall, Marshmallow Monkey Design Inc. is one of the best embroidery shops in Vancouver since they provide more personalized embroidery services.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 4282 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9, Canada
  • Local phone: 604-558-4282
  • Email: start@marshmallowmonkeydesign.com
  • Website: www.marshmallowmonkeydesign.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100023338393404

2. What criteria did I use to evaluate these companies?

The companies I ranked above are based on specific criteria, not intuition. Some of the most prominent criteria include:

2.1. Product Quality

When selecting a reliable embroidery supplier, product quality is unquestionably the most important consideration. The most crucial internal aspects that affect the quality of an embroidered product are still the material and embroidery method, even though there are many other smaller factors as well, such as seams, durability, and aesthetics. 

2.1.1. Excellent materials

Premium resources yield superior products, which is why top businesses are constantly concerned about the materials they utilize. Conversely, some embroidery businesses (which I won’t name here) flout these regulations to boost sales, which lowers the caliber of their products. Using less expensive synthetic materials like polyester or confusingly labeled fabrics under the “other” category frequently indicates that a clothing maker prioritizes cost savings over environmental effects, durability, and quality. Such businesses won’t be found on this list, for sure!

  • Superior textiles: silk, cotton, chiffon, linen, silk,…
  • Low-cost, inferior fabrics: polyester, cotton blends,…


2.1.2. Embroidery methods

Every top embroidery firm has unique stitching methods; Asian companies are renowned for their intricate hand stitching, while European ones are recognized for their exact digitizing procedures. Knowing each company’s advantages is crucial if you want the highest-caliber products. 

Smocking is one of the most often used needlework methods nowadays. This embroidery technique is used to emphasize and add effects to each pattern on the fabric’s surface. The craftsman will use elastic thread to keep the folds in the fabric when sewing smocking. The product will have more elastic, floating, and lovely patterns once the sewing is finished. All embroidery in this method is done by hand. As a result, nations with skilled labor, including Vietnam, Thailand, and China, are the best places to hunt for smocking costume models.

2.2. Good price

It’s very hard to figure out what a reasonable price is for newbies! My experience has shown that a good price is one that is commensurate with the product’s quality and intended use.

Prominent embroidery businesses typically conduct extensive pricing research, therefore “price gouging” is rare. Never be scared to haggle over costs when dealing with these businesses in order to receive the greatest deal.

Vietnamese embroidery businesses currently dominate the market in terms of pricing when compared to businesses on other continents. For instance, a girls’ smocking embroidered dress typically costs between $25 and $30, yet this particular item is only $15–$22.

Baby Boys Hand Smocked Classic Creeper Red Dogs in Wagon SBS136

You should also be aware of the shipping policies of each embroidery company, as they vary. Some businesses may attempt to make money by inflating their delivery charges; we have removed those names from our list.

Guaranteed production time is necessary to produce items on schedule. When working with firms that offer hand embroidery, this requires extra attention. Since human labor is used to make the clothing, forcing it will result in poor quality.

Large-quantity international orders typically require 30 to 90 days for production. As a result, you require a long-term ordering strategy.

2.3. Time of production

Working in a global workplace made me realize how important on-time delivery is to companies. Though the order won’t arrive on or near December 25, you wouldn’t want to get embroidered clothing for Christmas, right?

As a result, every embroidery business on our list below has extremely low rates of delayed delivery (the list was compiled using customer reviews from websites and social media).


Guaranteed production time is necessary to produce items on schedule. When working with firms that offer hand embroidery, this requires extra attention. Since human labor is used to make the clothing, forcing it will result in poor quality.

Large-quantity international orders typically require 30 to 90 days for production. As a result, you require a long-term ordering strategy.

2.4. Client support

Customer service represents the embroidery business’s dedication to its customers long after the sale is finalized. It entails responding to inquiries from clients, providing technical assistance, facilitating import and export processes, or guaranteeing client pleasure after a transaction. During this stage, the business can set itself apart by offering outstanding support, direction, and resolutions for any problems or queries that might come up after the product is delivered.

Based on my experience, American or British embroidery companies provide excellent after-sales support. Some of the countries in Southeast Asia that I have seen recently have also impressed me much. I usually get updates if there are promotions in places like Vietnam or Thailand.


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3. Conclusion

In Canada, these top 10 embroidery digitizing companies are known for their superior services, which combine cutting-edge technology with professional workmanship to deliver creative precision. These companies are dedicated to high-quality digitization, translating logos and artwork into exquisite embroidery with meticulous attention to detail. These digitizing enterprises are well-known for their timely and dependable services, and they regularly exceed customer expectations, making them the first choice for businesses looking for high-quality embroidery solutions around the country.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. I hope you find your own perfect companion!