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In 2024, the revenue in the Children’s Apparel market worldwide is estimated to be US$279.40bn (arcording Statista.com). This market is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 2.45% from 2024 to 2027 (CAGR 2024-2027). 

The above figures show that the children’s fashion market is one of the most potential and profitable markets in the garment industry. So, the retailers, fashion shop owners,… must keep them one step ahead to satisfy children’s clothing needs.

If you are looking for a reputable wholesale children’s clothing manufacturer, then you’ve come to the right place. K-Embroidery with over 25 years of expertise as a highly experienced and professional manufacturer of hand-smoked and embroidered children’s clothing will be a great choice for your business. 

Bringing Vietnamese embroidery products to the world 

Based in No.169, Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, K-Embroidery’s specialization is creating high-end boutique-quality clothing exclusively designed for babies and exporting all over the world.

K-Embroidery is reputable wholesale children’s clothing manufacturer from Vietnam

K-Embroidery growing company is built on a commitment to introducing Vietnamese embroidery products to the international market, so that not only Vietnamese consumers but also international friends can enjoy quality products from Vietnamese embroidery products. We all admit that Vietnamese people are really good at creating handmade products. And when I looked at K-Embroidery’s hand-embroidered children’s dresses, I knew it was true. All embroidered patterns seem soulful, special and represent the ingenuity of Vietnamese people. This is something you will not find in mass-market machine embroidery products.

Top Vietnamese embroidery company with high quality products

There are a few reasons why K-Embroidery is one of the best children’s clothing wholesale suppliers from Vietnam which we list below: 

Prices are always 5-15% lower than the market

K-Embroidery offers many products, and the common thing is that they all have very reasonable prices. If you are the owner of a children’s fashion shop that has just started a business, financial issues must be giving you a headache. Then K-Embroidery is the perfect destination. They have many garment items, but we will talk more deeply about children’s fashion clothing wholesale products.

A smocked children’s clothing product on the US market has an average wholesale price of $15-$25. While similar products at K-Embroidery only cost from $12-$19. K-Embroidery even commits that the prices they offer are always 5-15% lower than the market. It’s so fascinating, right?

Hand smocked products are loved all over the world

The products are introduced extremely attractively on K-Embroidery’s instagram

The truth is that fashion always changes with time. We can’t say too much about the future, but certainly currently hand smocked & embroidered products are a very popular trend for children. Especially in countries in Europe & America, when children’s clothing culture is often associated with Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day,… K-Embroidery certainly understands this. This is when continuously launching collections that stay ahead of trends. You can refer to their Instagram channel at the link below and will definitely be impressed with the perfection of the products.

K-Embroidery’s Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k_embroidery_smockedclothing/ 

95% of customers give positive feedback

Global companies headquartered in Southeast Asia often receive complaints about their customer service. However, that is a thing of the past. As the global economy began to develop, they began to pay attention to after sale service.

Customers who have experienced the service at K-Embroidery are the most reliable proof of the quality of this business. 95% of 5-star reviews on Alibaba is an impressive number for an embroidery company from Vietnam, right?

Positive feedback from K-Embroidery customers

In addition, K-Embroidery is a reputable wholesale children’s clothing manufacturer for all customers worldwide because of their sufficient policies. Privacy Policy, Order & Payment, Shipping & Delivery, Returns & Exchanges or Quality Guarantee,… all are complete and ensure the rights of customers. You can find these policies very clearly through the website https://k-embroidery.com/ 

That’s why I say K-Embroidery is one of the best children’s clothing wholesale suppliers in Vietnam.  

K-Embroidery: Embroidery company with great social responsibility

Large businesses are often interested in volunteer activities. That is both a way to promote the business and show humanity to fellow human beings.

Recently, last January, K-Embroidery successfully organized a book donation program for children in mountainous areas. This is a very meaningful annual charity event, which also shows the stature of this business.

When buying children’s fashion clothing wholesale means you contribute to creating a better society. This is definitely something we should do.

K-Embroidery regularly has charitable activities

Finding the best children’s clothing wholesale suppliers? Choose K-Embroidery

In conclusion, this article would like to introduce to everyone a reputable address to buy wholesale children’s clothing in Vietnam – K-Embroidery. From product quality, price to customer service, this company is very worthy of being chosen.

Below is detailed contact information for K-Embroidery: