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With the slogan “Quality is king”, K-Embroidery does not allow any defective products to appear in its wholesale orders. Whether it’s a small order from just 30 pieces to large orders of 2000 pieces, we GUARANTEE that all smocked garments products are in the most perfect state: no excess, no wrong patterns, no holes, tears, etc.

K-Embroidery has a professional inspection department. The final inspection is 100% done by humans. Each hand embroidered & smocked product is packed in a different zip bag, stored in a sturdy carton before being delivered to customers.

To do that, we have built a standard product inspection process according to ISO 9001 Standards. For handmade embroidered & smocked garments, this is a concern of many wholesale customers. You can follow the process for checking defective smocked products at K-Embroidery in this article. We also share common smocking embroidery errors to help wholesalers check and evaluate the quality of orders themselves, whether it come from K-Embroidery or any other manufacturers.


1. Check quantity

Check if the order has the correct quantity requested by the customer. It is necessary to check directly by hand and check with 2 different inspectors to limit confusion.

Note: Check and compare the size on the sample dress with the size listed on the bag. 

2. Peel off the plastic bag

Tip for peeling the bag: you should fold the glued bag mouth in to avoid it sticking from one bag to another, leading to wasting time and tearing the bag when closing. 


3. Check goods

A/Inspect goods according to the process: Top to bottom, left to right, front to back, outside to inside.

  • Top to Bottom: Check from the top of the collar to the bottom of the hem
  • Left to Right: Check from the left to the right of the checker
  • Front to Back: Check the front of the product, then check the back of the product (the back is still checked according to the process of Top to Bottom, Left to Right)
  • Outside to Inside: Check all the outside and then turn the back side up to check

B/How to check

  • Check whether the visuals of the sizes in the same sample are the same by peeling off the entire plastic bag and then placing the samples on top of each other in a terraced pattern.

Especially embroidery: embroidery stitches must be even, no broken threads, no missing stitches

For example: As in the sample below: the neck structure is the same: including smocking, gold thread embroidery, has 5 flowers: 3 flowers in the middle, 2 flowers on each side, but the collar is skewed.


  • Check the parameters: the simplest way is to place samples of the same size on top of each other. If they match, the parameters between the samples are ok. If they do not match, the parameters have a problem.

For example: Blue and red dresses are the same size, but it can be seen that the red dress is larger than the blue dress, proving there is a problem with the parameters.


  • Hand position: Use both 2 hands to press and stretch to the sides so that you can see more clearly and easily the part you want to check



Serious errors include: Holes, damage, bursts, tears, fabric shine, wrong structure, broken threads, dirty, excess threads: These are unacceptable errors, and are not allowed to be sent to customers. For these errors, the inspector requests that the product be returned to the production department for repair or exchange for a new product.

Errors are unacceptable on side A, but acceptable on the other sides

Side A: is the front, upper part of the product, that is the part the customer sees when receiving the sample when packaging. This is the part customers will look at first, so no errors are allowed. 

Side A

Side B: is the lower front part of the product, the part the customers will look at the second time after receiving the product (when packaged), it is temporarily acceptable if placed 50cm away from the eyes without seeing it.

Side B

The remaining errors are acceptable if they are in non-visible parts such as lining, underarms, neck covered by bows, etc.


The product inspection process is an important part for both manufacturers & wholesale customers. K-Embroidery hopes the above sharing will be useful to you. And if you have a need for our hand embroidered & smocked products, then don’t hesitate to contact our sales team immediately. We are committed to the quality you receive will be number 1 globally.


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