K-Embroidery ⎸Top 1 Wholesale Smocked Clothing Supplier

Are you looking for a place to buy wholesale smocked clothing at the cheapest price? K-Embroidery will be an address worth your trust.

1. About K-Embroidery Company, The Biggest Vietnamese Embroidery Wholesalers

K–Embroidery is a highly experienced and professional manufacturer of hand-smoked and embroidered children’s clothing with over 24 years of expertise. With the mission of accompanying children’s clothing businesses, K-Embroidery has been a long-term trusted partner of more than 2,500 customers.


As an wholesale smocked clothing company with a real factory and more than 380 workers, K-Embroidery can meet more than 7,000 pieces per month. In addition, we can guarantee the best offers for customers:

  • 100% Hand-smock clothing: The smocking details of K-Embroidery’s products are made entirely by hand, by experienced Vietnamese professional workers. They are far superior to machine embroidery products in durability, detail and aesthetics.
  • Cheapest wholesale prices: Using domestic raw materials, the factory is built according to the LEAN system and without intermediaries are three factors that ensure the wholesale price of children’s clothing at K-Embroidery is always at least 15-30% cheaper than other manufacturers.
  • Professional services: More than just a wholesale smocked clothing supplier, K-Embroidery is always willing to become an instructor to help your business bloom. Ready to support 24/7 even after the order has been completed.


Various types of hand-smocked costumes at K-Embroidery.

Contacts Us:

  • Address: 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

2. Why Choose K-Embroidery Factory

Being the best Vietnamese wholesale smocked children’s clothing distributor, K-Embroidery is always the number 1 choice for wholesale smocked clothing vendors. When choosing us, you will not be disappointed as we are and offer:

  • The biggest embroidery smocking company in Vietnam
  • Best wholesale price – No intermediary
  • Highest quality – 1 to 1 exchange warranty
  • Forever after-sales services


3. What Makes Our Products So Different?

What makes our hand embroidered & smocked products so special is that each product has its own beauty, no two products are the same. Because they are 100% processed. We pour love into each jacket model. Our skilled artisans handcraft each piece with precision and care. But it’s not just about fashion; it is about empowering women and the elderly, preserving traditions and celebrating timeless beauty.


The reason K-Embroidery products are always loved around the world.

4. For Wholesale Embroidery Apparel Vendors

Being an embroidery company, our target is to serve our wholesale customers the best. This is also the reason why we have specific guidelines for specific customer groups.

4.1. For Children’s Fashion Store Owners

When you are the owner of a children’s fashion store, what you need is the products which are most appealing to end-users. Currently, embroidery clothing is widely loved around the world thanks to its advantages: safe for children, beautiful, durable and easy to move.

We are a large embroidery factory, so we can customize any unique colors and styles you desire. Don’t worry as the prices offered are always the cheapest.


Confidently meet all ideas about hand-smocking children clothing

4.2. For Online Sellers

K-Embroidery is also an embroidery factory that mainly sells children clothing extensions online. Therefore, we know how important it is to build a reliable network that helps to connect with your customers worldwide. We are here to provide you with the highest-quality Vietnamese hand-smocking clothing as well as a true companion in the wholesale clothing business.

Buying children’s clothing extensions online, customers are most concerned about the quality of the products. No matter how good you are at advertising, the customers won’t come back to you if the products are not satisfactory. Please let K-Embroidery supply you with the best smocking clothing extensions ever.

4.3 For Children’s Clothing Wholesalers

As a wholesale factory, we understand that cost is a vital factor when running a children’s clothing business. Therefore, we not only provide a stable source of garments but also provide many incentives for a long-term cooperation.

There is always an attractive discount policy for all wholesale smocked clothing orders: 

  • 200-299 pieces: Discount by 2%
  • 300-499 pieces: Discount by 3%
  • 500-999 pieces: Discount by 4%
  • >1000 pieces: Discount by 5%


K-Embroidery regularly has promotions for wholesale vendors

4.4 For Start Children Clothing Business

Every successful business begins as a start-up, so keep your mind, be confident and rock it in your journey. It is a pleasure for K-Embroidery to accompany you in this journey. We also have a lot of experience to share with starters, so please feel free to contact us!

Our MOQ is the lowest in the market. From only 30 pieces. This low MOQ allows you to more easily test clothing samples.


5. Price List For Wholesale Smocked Clothing

Price list for wholesale smocked outfits at K-Embroidery are designed to be easiest for wholesalers to get and understand. The unit used is USD/piece. 

If you choose our available designs without any customization, the unit price is 15-25 USD/pcs.

If you have your own design and want us to make 1 sample dress first, here is the price for 1 sample dress:

  • Sample dress that are similar to one of our available designs with little changes in colors, patterns, fabric, etc: 69 USD/dress
  • Sample dress that are totally different to our available designs: 99 USD/dress

The sample dress cost includes design fee. In next order, if you order the dress in big quantity, the unit price per dress will be much better (20-30 USD/dress). 


Contact Our Sales Team for specific prices list for each model: https://k-embroidery.com/contact/ 

6. Ordering Process

Here is the ordering process from K-Embroidery Factory:

  • Step 1: Chat Our hotline +84 85 555 5961 to discuss on order (garment style, material, color, size and quantity)
  • Step 2: Make the invoice
  • Step 3: Confirm the invoice, pay the full money or make deposit (agent, WU, bank USD, etc)
  • Step 4: Garment process. If the product is ready to ship, you will receive your order in just 3-7 days depending on the shipping unit. If the product is not available, production time is 30-40 days depending on order.
  • Step 5: Confirm shipping (agent, UPS, DHL, FedEx) and pay the rest (if any).


7. Other Service for Children Clothing Vendors

We always want to provide all wholesale vendors with the most complete and satisfying service possible. Below are a few services that can ONLY be found at K-EMBROIDERY: 

7.1. Video Call to Check Garment

The wholesale business process is completely made through WhatsApp, so you can feel free to make video calls with us. This method is full of advantages:

  • Quickest way to check real embroidery factory: Rest assured that scammers do not have a real embroidery workshop or office so they will refuse to make a video call with you. Only trusted brands with factories and offices will agree to make video calls and showcase their working environment.
  • Reliable way to check order quality: If you check the garment through pictures, they may be reused pictures or random ones on the Internet. Meanwhile, making a video call ensures that the wholesale smocked outfits order is really yours, and you can check the garment quality through video right away.


7.2. Forever Warranty Policy

  • Our forever warranty policy means loyal wholesale customers can always exchange the garment extensions if any matter arises.
  • We are willing to support and exchange wholesale smocked clothings in case there are any matters during usage. Even when the matter comes from customers’ fault, we will support them to the best of our ability.

Afterall, when it comes to the best wholesale Vietnamese embroidery factory to work with, K-Embroidery is always what to turn to. Please contact our WhatsApp number +84 85 555 5961 and we can work on the most beneficial wholesale orders for you.


8. Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions when customers are looking to buy wholesale smocked children’s clothing at K-Embroidery:

We are a global company, serving a variety of regions: The USA, UK, EU, Middle East, China, Japan,… Thanks to the development of modern transportation, we can accessible to every wholesaler in the world. Therefore, wherever you are, don’t hesitate to contact the Sales team for advice.

  • For orders of 200 – 500 pieces: about 30 ~ 35 working days.
  • For orders of 1000 – 2000 pieces: about 35 ~ 40 working days.
  • For orders of 2,000 – 3,000 pieces: about 40 ~ 45 working days.
  • For the order of 3,000 – 5,000 pieces: about 45 ~ 50 working days.
  • For the order of 5,000 pieces to 10,000 pieces: about 50 ~ 55 working days.
  • For larger orders: confirm later.

  • Shipping by UPS, FedEx: Within 5-7 days
  • Shipping by Air: Within 5-7 days
  • Shipping by Sea: Transit time varies based on the destination port

Sure. Becoming a loyal customer of K-Embroidery will help you enjoy a discount policy of at least 5%. The condition to become our loyal customer is when you have purchased more than 500 pieces of garment.

When the order is sent to your address, please check all aspects goods as soon as possible. Any wholesale smocked clothing product with possible quality defects returned within 2 weeks of receipt of your original order. Friend need to contact us for proof of purchase (e.g. send a picture of one side defective goods). If we do not receive feedback about defective items within 2 weeks, all items are considered perfect.

For all defective items, we will apply the following solutions:


  • For all minor defects, we will reduce the price but it will be less than 20%
  • For all major defects, we offer two solutions: replacement or refund.


  • When returning a product, you are responsible for paying all return fees including all shipping costs for returned products, taxes and duties (please contact support for further instructions).
  • After receiving the returned product, we will re-check, re-make the product and ship it return it to you as quickly as possible.
  • Replacement products will be delivered to your door without any product fee and shipping costs.


  • When returning a product, you are responsible for all return cover fees including all shipping costs for returned products, taxes and duties (please contact support for further instructions).
  • Once we receive the item, we will process your credit immediately. Depending on the bank’s processing time, it may take a few days to reflect in your account.
  • Please note that you will receive a refund in the original form of payment head. The initial shipping charges are non-refundable.

*Note: All refunds will be valid within 3 months from the date of issue.