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Cotton clothes are loved and cherished by many due to their comfort, breathability, and versatility. Whether it’s your favorite t-shirt, a cozy pair of jeans, or a stylish dress, cotton garments are a staple in most people’s wardrobes.

To keep your cotton clothes looking their best and ensure their longevity, it’s essential to follow some simple guidelines for their use and preservation.

1. Carefully read the washing instructions on the clothing tag

As we know, for each type of fabric or each different model of clothing, there is a different way to wash it. So when buying clothes, we need to pay attention to the tags on the clothes to choose the most suitable washing method for our clothes.

 You need to read the instructions and then classify which types must be hand washed, which types must be machine washed and notes on products used to wash clothes such as: water temperature, laundry detergent, washing mode when machine washing.

Read carefully the clothing tag
Read carefully the clothing tag

2. Sort clothes before washing

We all know that sorting clothes is essential to protect clothes when washing. Because if we don’t classify clothes, our clothes will fade or mix colors with other clothes. To ensure the clothes have the same color as when purchased, carefully sort the clothes before washing.

The most common classification we can apply is to classify colored clothes and white clothes. This is a way to save time but still keep the color of your clothes intact.

3. Use cold water to wash cotton clothes

Cold water is one of the factors that helps your cotton clothes last longer when washed. Because cotton is a fabric made from cotton fibers and other artificial fibers, it is quite sensitive to hot water. Washing cotton clothes with hot water will cause your clothes to shrink and lose their original shape. You should also pay attention to choosing cold water mode when washing cotton clothes in the washing machine.

The great benefit of washing clothes with cold water is that the clothes do not lose their shape and prolong the life of the clothes, just one simple thing will help you.

4. Do not overfill the clothes when washing the machine

What we often make when washing clothes in the machine is stuffing too much clothes into the washing drum. This makes it impossible for the machine to optimize during washing. We only put a sufficient amount of clothes, in accordance with the instructions of each type of washing machine.

Overfilling the washing drum will cause the clothes to not be washed thoroughly, leaving small stains on the clothes after washing and can make the clothes easily wrinkled when taken out. That will gradually lose the shape of your clothes.

Do not overfill the clothes into the washing machine
Do not overfill the clothes into the washing machine

5. Limit the use of bleach

Bleach is always a taboo with cotton fabrics. With cotton fabric texture, when you use bleach, it will easily cause clothes to rot. Bleach can also change the texture of cotton fabric, which will greatly reduce the quality of your clothes.

Not only that, bleach also greatly affects the user’s health and can cause irritation to sensitive skin types. Instead of using bleach to whiten, we can find an alternative by using natural bleaching agents like vinegar and lemon.

6.Choose a suitable machine washing mode

Choosing the appropriate washing mode is essential when you choose to machine wash clothes. Choosing the cotton wash mode or the gentle wash mode will help your clothes retain their color and remove stains optimally. This also helps save energy and water when choosing the right washing mode for your clothes.

7. Prioritize using sunlight to dry clothes

Drying clothes outdoors is one of the traditional ways of doing laundry. Sunlight helps remove bacteria and odors from clothes, making them feel comfortable and dry when worn. It also helps preserve the color and durability of clothes compared to machine drying. In addition, it also helps save energy.

But we also need to be careful not to dry clothes outside on rainy or humid days, that will greatly affect the clothes. Just like drying clothes for a sufficient amount of time, not drying them outside for too long.

Using sunlight
Using sunlight

8. Use hangers when drying clothes

Although hanging clothes on a hanger is a small detail, it can have questionable effects. We should not dry clothes on the line and overlap each other, instead use hangers. That not only helps reduce wrinkles in the clothes but also makes the clothes when hung will cause both sides of the clothes to be exposed to heat to dry, rather than one side being dry and the other still damp.

9. Be careful when ironing cotton pants

Properly ironing cotton clothes is also a necessary note. When ironing clothes, we should only let the clothes dry about 80%. Make sure the temperature is just right and not too hot. This helps the clothes to be ironed smoothly while also ensuring the quality and durability of the clothes.

Carefully ironing cotton pants
Carefully ironing cotton pants

10. Avoid leaving your shirt in damp places

Make sure your clothes will not be left in a wet place. If cotton clothes are left in a damp place, they are susceptible to mold. When you discover that your clothes have been accidentally left in a moldy place, wash them again and dry them in a dry and sunny place to help keep your clothes from being affected by mold.


In conclusion, by following these ten tips for using and preserving your cotton clothes, you can extend their lifespan and maintain their quality. It is the most important to remember to always read and follow the care instructions on the garment labels, as they provide valuable information on how to best care for your cotton clothes. So go ahead, take care of your cotton clothes, and let them continue to be a cherished part of your wardrobe.