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As a child, no one could resist the charm of those adorable little accessories, and even as we grow up, that sentiment remains the same. We all wish to appear stunning in the eyes of others, don’t we? That’s why a single accessory can already enhance a child’s allure.

Although a smocked dress is enough to make a child stand out, it will be even more complete if paired with the following jewelry accessories. Follow this article to find out which accessories will go well with your child’s smocked dress.

Tips for preparing smocked dresses for little girls when traveling

What Is A Girl’s Smocked Dress?

Smocked dresses are also renowned for their versatility. A little girl can dress up or down depending on the occasion she’s attending and there’s nothing better than wearing a dress that’s also incredibly comfortable. They can wear them for birthday parties, outdoor excursions, camping trips, or even formal events.

K-Embroidery’s smocked dresses come in various styles, such as bishop, sundress and u-shaped, so they are suitable for all shapes and sizes, whether the child is tall or short, thin or plump. This is why we love smocked dresses – they are incredibly flattering on every body type.

And why do we say that just one smocked dress is enough to make a child stand out in a crowd? It’s because these dresses often have intricate smocking details on the bodice and can feature a variety of patterns. These elaborate details are akin to having a built-in accessory on the dress itself.

Adorable Accessory Ideas Paired with Smocked Dress

Here are some accessory ideas you can try for your little one to wear on special occasions. Believe me, my daughter and I have tried out a lot of things to come up with this list for you.


There are 3 options to wear on the head: floral crowns, bows and ribbons, and pearl/jeweled headbands.

  • Floral crowns: Top off the smocked dress with a delicate floral crown or headband. Honestly, this is my daughter’s absolute favorite – it makes her feel like a real princess.
  • Bows and ribbons: Classic bow headbands and ribbon-trimmed bands are a timeless choice. They come in a variety of colors and styles to perfectly complement the smocked dress.
  • Pearl/Jeweled headbands: For a touch of elegance, opt for headbands adorned with pearls, crystals, or other sparkling jewels. These dressier options work well for formal occasions.

But don’t worry too much about whether the jewelry is real or not. In my opinion, you should go for accessories with fake gems. Kids have a high chance of losing them or even having them stolen, and you can’t always be with your girls. Real jewelry is beautiful, but just make sure to keep a close eye on your little one.


Many people mistakenly think that shoes are not an accessory, but they are. And choosing shoes also requires a lot of consideration to match the dress.

  • Mary Jane: these classic shoes have a cute strap at the top, giving them a sweet, polished look.
  • Ballet flats: simple, comfortable shoes, perfect for little feet. They come in many different colors and designs for you to choose from.
  • Sandals with bows: adding decorative touches like bows, flowers or gems can make plain sandals look extra special for both a dressy occasion and a casual outing.

Bags and Purses

  • Straw bags: These fun, summery bags add a whimsical, beach-inspired touch to any outfit. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
  • Mini crossbody bags: Small purses that can be worn across the body are both practical and stylish. Although children typically don’t have many things to store in them, they still look fashionable.
  • Beaded or sequined clutches: For a dressier look, opt for a clutch purse adorned with sparkling beads, sequins, or other embellishments. These glamorous bags can instantly elevate a simple ensemble.

The right bag can be the perfect finishing touch to complete your little one’s special occasion look. But be mindful of color coordination. If your child is wearing a red princess dress, you wouldn’t want to pair it with a cool-toned bag like a blue or green.


  • Delicate necklaces: Look for options with delicate chains and small pendants that won’t overwhelm the main feature, which is the smocking.
  • Stacking bracelets: Wearing multiple bracelets together in coordinating colors or styles creates a fun, layered look. But don’t go overboard – you don’t want it to look too busy.
  • Clip-on earrings: For children who haven’t had their ears pierced yet, clip-on earrings are a safe and easy option. You can find adorable styles like bows, flowers, or sparkly studs that complement their outfit without the need for piercing.

Jewelry can be a great way to dress up a child’s outfit and make them feel extra special. Just be sure to choose pieces that are age-appropriate, comfortable, and won’t pose any safety risks. 


Accessories are a wonderful way to add extra style and personality to a girl’s smocked dress. Delicate necklaces, adorable headbands, and clip-on earrings can all help elevate the look and make the child feel special.

Take the child shopping and try on as many options as possible. Trying on different accessories helps both your lovely girl and you find what works best. Follow the child’s lead, as they will feel most confident and be their true self when wearing accessories they truly love. Remember that.


What to wear with a smock dress?

For more casual events like cocktails with friends or date nights, pair a smock dress with sandals, jewelry, and a clutch or handbag. If you’re going out dancing, sneakers can also be a great option.

What body shape do smock dresses suit?

Mini smock dresses work well for petite frames, while midi and maxi lengths flatter more curvaceous figures. Try different styles to find the one that best suits your body shape.

What shoes go with a smock dress?

Smock dresses are versatile and can be worn with a variety of shoe styles, such as over-the-knee boots, chunky sandals, or even cowboy boots, making them a great option for spring and summer.