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Babeeni is one of the prominent names when customers want to order children’s clothing from Vietnam. Let’s check Babeeni reviews to see if this is a trustworthy brand or not!

This article will provide an objective view of Babeeni’s price, product quality and customer service, thereby helping you make the best decision when purchasing children’s clothing.

Overview of Babeeni Vietnam

Babeeni Co., Ltd is a prestigious manufacturer of hand-smocked children’s clothing and exporting mainly in the USA and EU markets since 2007. Their head office is at No.66, Viet Hung Street, Long Bien district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.


Information about this business is relatively fully introduced at their official website, babeeni.com. With 17 years of experience, 3 factories across Vietnam and capacity up to 3 million of pieces/year, this is exactly one of the largest embroidery companies in Vietnam.

Of course, these are only reference numbers and have not been 100% verified, however, the completeness and accuracy of the information presented on the website is a plus point, proving that Babeeni is a professional company.

Babeeni Vietnam reviews on their products 

As one of the largest embroidery factories in Vietnam, Babeeni specializes in providing children’s clothing products with many styles and designs. Among them, the product line that receives the most attention is children smocked clothing. This is also the product that Babeeni focuses on.

Range of children’s clothing products from Babeeni Vietnam

When I started learning about Babeeni, I was impressed by their range of children’s clothing products. Basically, all the casual apparel can be found here.

Main product line: Children smocked clothing

Babeeni’s children smocked clothing received a lot of attention from international customers, especially customers in the US, EU, and UK regions. In these areas, the price of smocked clothing is often quite high (from $35-40 per retail piecie). Meanwhile, similar quality products in Vietnam cost only $20-30 when purchased wholesale. Low price is the main reason why smocked clothing for children products from Vietnam are sought after all over the world.


At Babeeni, Children smocked clothing is classified scientifically: based on gender (boy, girl, baby,…), based on holiday (christmas, easter, back to school, haloween,…), or based on style (dress, romper, swimwear, sleepwear,…). 

Sub-product lines: Family clothing, women clothing & accessories

  • Family clothing: Family Set, Mommy & Baby set, Daddy & Baby set, underwear,…
  • Women clothing: Dress, Top & Blouse, Tshirt, Women Homewear, Short & pant, Skirt, Swimwear,…
  • Accessories: Christmas Decoration, Crochet Accessories, Smocked Blanket Set,…

Babeeni Vietnam reviews in terms of children’s clothing quality

As mentioned in the above sections, Babeeni really receives attention from customers around the world. So, it was quite easy for me to collect Babeeni reviews about their products on their sales platforms. Amazon is a place where reviews take place really enthusiastically.

Customer Positive Reviews 

On the Amazon platform, Babeeni owns more than 50 global reviews. Of which 77% rated 5 stars, 5% rated 4 stars. This is a quite positive index, showing that the quality of Babeeni’s clothing products is relatively good. Most reviews say that the quality of the material and embroidery was beautiful.

Babeeni’s positive customer reviews on Amazon

Bad reviews

Besides positive reviews, Babeeni also has a lot of bad feedback. Here are some bad reviews that stand out:

babeeni-bad-review babeeni-bad-review

Babeeni reviews on garment pricing 

Price is also an important part customers want to know about Babeeni. Babeeni does not disclose the price of the product on the website, so you may have some difficulty finding out. However, I have helped you find out. Below are reference prices for some outstanding product lines at Babeeni:

  • Smocked dress for girls: From $22 – $32 
  • Smocked clothing for boys: From $22 – $32
  • Smocked clothing for babies: From $20 – $30

General assessment: If compared with other suppliers in Europe, Babeeni’s products have much better prices. However, when compared to K-Embroidery, another famous embroidery company in Vietnam, this price is still a bit higher.


Customer service and policy of Babeeni

In this section, we will review the assessment of Babeeni Vietnam through customer feedback on the services and policies of this children’s clothing supplier.

Return Policy

Babeeni has a quite clear return policy and guarantees benefits for customers, you can find it on website. Some highlights:

  • For all minor defects, Babeeni offers a discount but will be less than 20%.
  • Replacements will be shipped to you at no cost to products and shipping costs.
  • When returning the products, you are responsible for the shipping cost of returned products.

General assessment: Babeeni has their own return policy, clear and transparent. However, there are still many opinions that this policy does not really meet the increasing demands of customers.

Online payment services


Babeeni offers many online payment options for customers. You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, bank wire transfer,… However, you need to note the following points:

  • When Pay by Credit Card: You will be charged 2.75% extra per transaction to make sure Babeeni will receive the exact amount of money as noted in the Invoice. 
  • When the payment is made, cancellation is impossible.
  • Payment Cannot Be Changed, Babeeni makes no warranty, express or implied, and does not assume any legal responsibility.

Conclusion: Should you buy children’s clothing at Babeeni?

When evaluating the overall customer reviews of the Babeeni Vietnam brand, we can easily see that this is one of the outstanding embroidery manufacturers. Babeeni’s products are diverse, good quality, and reasonable prices. They also have very clear policies to ensure buyers’ rights. Therefore, you can have complete confidence when purchasing children’s clothing at Babeeni.


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