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Last week I read a comment from Mrs. Melinda on Quora, complaining about the unbelievable prices of children’s clothes in recent years. Below that comment, there are many comments expressing interest in this issue. That prompted me to do some research at some famous fashion brands, and I was really surprised at how ridiculously expensive they were.

What questions should I ask about this problem? Logically, the smaller the product, the lower the price, because less material is used and less sewn. But in reality it is not like that. I’ve seen children’s suits cost as much as adult versions. Yeah, they’re adorable, but does that make sense when children grow up so quickly?

So why are children’s clothes expensive? Follow the article below now!

The production process takes a long time

Basically, the cost of a set of clothes is made up of 3 things: the material, the time of the seam (the salary of the seamstress) and the additional materials. We often think that the smaller the product size, the lower the price because they use less materials and fewer seams. But in reality things are not that simple.

For example, when producing a children’s bodysuit, our factory takes even longer than adult outfits. Stitching & embroidering small details such as sleeves, shirt patterns, and inner seams requires a lot of operations and requires high precision.


In addition, the production process of children’s clothing is also greatly affected by safety regulations, from designing styles, choosing fabric materials, threads and decorative motifs,… all must be complied with safety standards for children. At our factory, the quality of children’s apparel is inspected more times than any other item before being packaged and shipped for sale.

All this shows that producing a piece of children’s clothing often takes much longer than we think. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the clothes are more expensive for kids.

Producing children’s clothing requires high-quality materials

Every manufacturer understands that children’s skin is delicate and sensitive so it can easily cause problems with just a small scratch. Therefore, if they do not focus on investing in high-quality materials, their products will not be chosen. Parents want to give their children the best, and ensure their child’s health 100%. They will not spend money on cheap products that can cause them problems. In fact, if we look at the quality of children’s clothing over the past 10 years, we will easily see a positive change in quality.


Some commonly used materials when producing children’s clothes include Cotton (100%), Silk, Linen,… They are all high-quality fabrics and the price is not cheap. According to BabyCenter, fabric prices account for up to 40% of the selling price of a typical children’s clothing product. This explains why children’s clothes are so expensive. 

Strict standards for children’s clothing manufacturers

To become a reputable children’s clothing manufacturer in the market, it is certain that companies must meet the most important industry standards. We are talking about child safety standards such as (ISO) 9001, OEKO-TEX by ECO PASSPORT, or sustainability standards such as GOTS, WRAP, SA8000, Bluesign,… If If you want to export products to countries like the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, etc., children’s clothing manufacturers must do even better.

Meeting the requirements of each certificate requires each manufacturer to spend a significant budget. And this also means that the cost of each set of children’s clothes also increases.

Babies are the apple of the parents’ eye

Finally, the biggest and most important reason has to do with our parenthood nature. As a mother, I just want to “give my cute little angel the best”. Remember how happy and joyful when “I held his hand the first time”. I have many friends who can’t buy a single set of clothes for a whole year but don’t hesitate to spend up to $300 per month to buy clothes for her 10-month-old baby.

Babies are the apple of the parents’ eye

If you are a parent, you certainly understand this psychology. We often go crazy and treat our children like princesses and princes. I may be ugly, but I want my children to always be gorgeous and adorable. Unfortunately, manufacturers also understand this psychology of ours, and there are many brands that do not hesitate to increase their prices.

One fine day, you can see a hand smocked dress with a retail price of $350, don’t be too surprised. Each product has its own customer base, and such expensive products still make many upper-class parents passionate and want to buy them for their children. Manufacturers have found a way to make us spend more money while still making us happier.

Advice for parents

Even though we know we don’t regret spending money when buying clothes for our children, remember that the most important thing is to keep our children comfortable, healthy and safe. Babies don’t know much about what you’re dressing them in, as long as they feel comfortable wearing it. Every child is adorable and cute in their parents’ eyes no matter what they wear! Finally, children grow up very quickly, so spending too much money on clothes that will only be worn once is a waste.

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