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There are 928 Commercial Embroidery Services businesses in the United States (according to IBSWorld, 2022 data). More than 60% of them are embroidery digitizing companies.

This is not a surprising number because we all know how good Americans are at machinery, technology, and digital. And if you are looking for the most prestigious names to cooperate with, then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of embroidery digitizing companies in USA, follow now!

What criteria are used for evaluation?

There are hundreds of factors that can be given to evaluate whether an embroidery company is a good company or not. However, I will group them into 3 main groups of factors: Product quality, regional popularity and customer reviews.

  • Quality of the product: After all, what we need are good products at reasonable prices. Therefore, product quality is always the first consideration. However, to create high quality products, it is an issue related to the quality of inputs, facilities, equipment, and technical capacity of the company. I consider these small factors in this article to choose the best embroidery companies in the US.
  • Popularity in the area: A business that always provides quality services will always have great fame. Ask the people in the area you are looking for an embroidery company to cooperate with, those are really valuable answers.
  • Customer reviews on platforms: The last group of factors is equally important, which is feedback from customers who have used the service or placed an order at the business. I investigated the profile of each business on this list on platforms that allow user reviews (like Trustpilot). And of course, embroidery digitizing companies with negative feedback will not appear on this list.

List of the biggest embroidery digitizing companies in USA

Below are the best embroidery services online in USA. We provide unbiased reviews and you can be completely confident that any name on this list is worth for choosing!

1. Genius Digitizing – Custom embroidery digitizing services

Genius Digitizing is a leading digitizing embroidery company that stands out for its commitment to delivering top-notch quality and unmatched turnaround times. As a reliable partner for clients in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, Genius Digitizing specializes in providing efficient and affordable custom embroidery digitizing services.


At Genius Digitizing, their core mission is to captivate and impress their clients and their customers with enchanting embroidered designs that showcase depth and meticulous attention to detail. GD take pride in utilizing the latest technology, backed by decades of industry experience, to ensure that their embroidered designs meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and aesthetics.

What sets us apart is their dedication to exceeding expectations in terms of both the quality of their work and the timely delivery of services. Genius Digitizing employ cutting-edge resources, including state-of-the-art hardware and software, to digitize designs for embroidery. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every project we undertake.

With a team of experts possessing the necessary skills, resources, and experience, Genius Digitizing offers a comprehensive range of embroidery digitizing design solutions. Their services cover a wide array of fabrics and textures, including regular apparel, hats/caps, sleeves, 3D puff designs, jacket backs, split fronts, in-hoop projects, and more.

Whether you are seeking embroidery company USA for personal projects or commercial ventures, Genius Digitizing is your go-to partner. They take pride in delivering unparalleled service that combines expertise, efficiency, and affordability. Experience the difference with Genius Digitizing as we bring your designs to life through the artistry of embroidery and the precision of cutting-edge technology.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 1812 Rosemont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States.
  • Website: geniusdigitizing.com 
  • Email: support@geniusdigitizing.com
  • Hotline: (+1 323-763-1760)

2. DigitizingUSA – Custom embroidery digitizing service at minimal flat rate

DigitizingUSA stands as a group of seasoned professionals specializing in Embroidery Digitizing, boasting a remarkable 10 years of solid experience in the field. In the ever-evolving technological landscape, companies must adapt to survive, and DigitizingUSA not only embraces change but thrives on it.

In a market where many embroidery digitizing companies in the USA make grand claims that often fall short, DigitizingUSA distinguishes itself by allowing its work to speak volumes. The demand for their custom embroidery digitizing services attests to the excellence we consistently deliver.

Key attributes that set DigitizingUSA apart from the competition include:

  • Flat Rate Digitizing: Unlike the common pay-per-1000-stitches model, DigitizingUSA employs a more budget-friendly flat-rate system. Clients benefit from a nominal fee of $15, irrespective of the stitch count involved in the project.
  • Fast Turnaround: Clients working with DigitizingUSA can expect rapid completion of raster-to-vector conversion services or embroidery digitizing. The typical turnaround time is an impressive 2 to 6 hours. Even projects with intricate details are handled promptly, with a potential turnover time not exceeding 12 hours.
  • Going the Extra Mile: DigitizingUSA takes pride in a customer-centric approach, ensuring that a job is not deemed complete until clients are entirely satisfied. The commitment to customer satisfaction includes offering free revisions, free format conversions, and free minor editing.
  • Quality of Work: Despite offering nominal and pocket-friendly prices, DigitizingUSA maintains an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality across all services. The affordability of their services does not equate to compromising the excellence and precision that characterize their work.

In conclusion, DigitizingUSA is not just a digitizing service provider; it is a reliable partner dedicated to transparency, efficiency, and exceeding client expectations. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, DigitizingUSA stands out as a leader in the embroidery digitizing industry.

Contact Information: 

  • Hotline 1: 1(855) 344-4872
  • Hotline 2: 1(855) DIGI-USA
  • Email: art@digitizingusa.com
  • Website: digitizingusa.com 

3. BitsNPixs – Embroidery Digitizing Services USA

BitsNPixs stands as a premier Embroidery Digitizing Service in the USA, catering to both local and international clients with a comprehensive suite of embroidery digitizing services. Their team, comprised of seasoned and skilled professionals, excels in digitizing embroidery designs of varying sizes and complexities. They take pride in meeting the highest quality standards while adhering to the tightest deadlines.

Premier Digitizing

At BitsNPixs Embroidery Digitizing in the USA, their mission is centered on providing dependable, flexible, and cost-effective services to customers not only in the USA but also in the UK and beyond. Their commitment extends to delivering efficient embroidery digitizing services that showcase intricate details and depth, captivating both you and your clients.

BitsNPixs specializes in a diverse array of digitizing services, including Custom Digitizing, Logo Digitizing, Image Digitizing, Logo Vectorizing, Patch Digitizing, 3D Puff Digitizing, Applique Digitizing, Small Text Digitizing, Left Chest Digitizing, Jacket Back Digitizing, Cap Digitizing, Chenille Digitizing, and more. With BitsNPixs, experience embroidery digitizing that goes beyond expectations, combining skill, creativity, and efficiency to bring your designs to life.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 5th Block, Prem Chambers, JNC Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bengaluru – 560 095
  • Website: bitsnpixs.com
  • Email: info@bitsnpixs.com
  • Hotline 1: +91 808 670 0015 (India)
  • Hotline 2: +1 (631) 353-4291 (US)

4.  PSA Embroidery Digitizing Manufacturer

Welcome to PSA Embroidery Digitizing Company, your premier destination for top-notch Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Conversion services. As a prominent provider in the Embroidery and Screen Printing industry, they offer a diverse range of solutions to meet your digitizing and vectorization needs. Their commitment is driven by a passion for delivering excellent results and providing outstanding customer service 24/7.

In specialized Embroidery Digitizing Services, their skilled designers and embroidery digitizers use state-of-the-art software and techniques to transform various artwork into high-quality embroidery files. Whether it’s custom designs for apparel, accessories, or promotional items, PSA Digitizing ensures a quick turnaround, low pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Alongside their digitizing services, they excel in Vector Art Conversion. Their skilled designers can convert raster images into clean and scalable vector files, ideal for diverse applications such as printing, signage, and digital media. Take advantage of significant discounts on your first logo vectorization by placing an order with them.

Understanding the importance of diverse Embroidery Designs, they offer a wide selection of free and paid designs carefully crafted by their professional digitizers. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional embroiderer, their designs add creativity and flair to your work.

At PSA Digitizing, they stand as your reliable partner, dedicated to elevating your embroidery and vector art experiences with precision, creativity, and unparalleled customer service. Explore the possibilities with them and bring your visions to life.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 3700 College Avenue, Clarkston, Georgia, 30021
  • Website: psadigitizing.com
  • Hotline: +1(404)796-9322
  • Email: Psadigitizing@gmail.com

5. Digit-it – Embroidery Digitizing Company in USA

Welcome to Digit-It, where excellence meets elite in machine digitizing designs. We take pride in delivering the quality you expect from a top-tier service. Their commitment to client satisfaction and overall benefits is the driving force behind the establishment of their company. At Digit-It, we prioritize timely order deliveries, made possible by their expert team dedicated to providing high-quality services with transparency in all their dealings.

Their professionalism positions us as essential partners for your business, offering special discounts on embroidery designs, including jacket back logos, to cater to the unique needs of businessmen. Additionally, we welcome rush jobs without any extra charges.

To further streamline your experience, Digit-It provides 24/7 online booking, allowing you to access information about your order and other services at your convenience. Their online platform ensures clear communication about working procedures, services, and rates, empowering clients to make informed decisions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

At Digit-It, we understand that expert customer service is paramount. Whether you visit their office or engage with us online, their Vector Arts Conversion and expert Digitizing Company prioritize a seamless customer experience. We guarantee supreme support, addressing and resolving any issues related to your orders, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. Trust Digit-It for elite digitizing services and a customer-centric approach that keeps you coming back for more.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: Ave B, Newberry, United States
  • Phone: +1 (231)-821-5515
  • Email: digitize@digit-it.com
  • Website: digit-it.com

6. MegaDigitizing – Embroidery Digitizing Manufacturer in USA

At MegaDigitizing, they are dedicated to providing an unparalleled digitized experience that aligns seamlessly with your standards. Their focus is on delivering timely and affordable digitizing services, emphasizing quality in embroidery items, gifts, text digitizing, 3D Puff digitizing, Applique digitizing, and custom digitizing. They are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


As specialists in Embroidery Digitizing Services, they want to clarify a common misconception. Unlike the belief that a simple image scan leads to a machine-readable file, their process involves the expertise of a skilled embroidery digitizer. They ensure precision in technical details, software utilization, fabric considerations, patterns, and more. It’s crucial to choose a top-tier custom embroidery digitizing firm, and MegaDigitizing stands out as one of the best.

Their embroidered designs are meticulously crafted to match the artwork you submit. MegaDigitizing offers three highly sought-after services: embroidery digitizing, custom digitizing, and vector artwork conversion – all at reasonable prices. Join MegaDigitizing for a digitizing experience where quality, customization, and affordability converge seamlessly.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 103 Hampshire Dr, Troy, MI 48085, United States
  • Website: megadigitizing.com
  • Hotline: +1 509 329 4482
  • Email: info@megadigitizing.com

7. Galaxy Digitizing – Embroidery digitizing services in USA

Galaxy Digitizing’s premier choice for elite embroidery digitizing services based in the USA. More than just a service provider, they embody the ethos that “WORK Speaks,” a philosophy that has guided us since our inception in the early 90s as a remote digitizing studio.

From the outset, our commitment has been unwavering – to deliver satisfaction to their valued customers. Galaxy Digitizing takes pride in being a reliable, well-organized, and affordable embroidery digitizing service provider. Their team comprises skilled professionals dedicated to delivering custom embroidery services using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. Passion and dedication are the cornerstones of their work, defining our identity.

At Galaxy Digitizing, they extend services to encompass all fabrics and textures, including logos on hats, caps, sleeves, left chest, jacket backs, patches, and a range of regular and fashion apparel. Their motto is simple: “DIGITIZE YOUR APPAREL WITH GALAXY DIGITIZING SERVICE.”

As an exclusive embroidery digitizing service provider, Galaxy Digitizing takes pride in offering services that go beyond the ordinary. From digitizing logos, photos, seals to vector conversion art, they infuse each piece of work with a distinct style, vibrant colors, and unique designs.

Their commitment extends beyond service provision; they are creators of beauty. Galaxy Digitizing innovates beautiful, ethnic, and traditional yet unique designs with a customer-centric approach, ensuring their customers receive maximum value for their money. Backed by a team of professionals, they work closely with customer requirements, delivering high-quality work at affordable rates within specific timelines.

Choose Galaxy Digitizing for an embroidery digitizing experience that goes above and beyond, where each creation speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 913 Delaronde Lane Morrisville, NC 27560
  • Website: galaxydigitizing.com
  • Hotline: 713-574-1446
  • Email: support@galaxydigitizing.com

8. NKEMB – Digitizing Services Company

NKEMB stands as a well-established digitizing and designing company, catering to clients in the USA, Canada, and various other regions. Since our inception in 2000, they have been providing top-notch embroidery digitizing services, fulfilling a spectrum of designing needs, including logo embroidery, vector artwork and illustration services, and printing services. Their commitment to cheap digitizing, fast turnaround times, and commendable quality has positioned us as a leading force in the digitizing field.

With over a decade of experience, NKEMB has crafted exquisite and intricate designs that rival the best in the industry. They prioritize 100% customer satisfaction, valuing your feedback and establishing personal relationships with their customers. Their overarching goal is to foster long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and benefit. At NKEMB, every customer is a priority, and they allocate dedicated resources to comprehensively handle each project.

As a leading digitizing services company serving worldwide, NKEMB boasts contemporary infrastructure and a team of expert digitizers. Their reputation in the industry is built on our unwavering commitment to the cause, delivering superior quality work, and maintaining transparent pricing. Their talented pool of experienced professionals enables them to offer complete digitizing services packages under one roof, eliminating the need for additional services or human resources for their quality digitizing needs.

They consider ourselves true masters of quality digitizing services, a level unmatched by many in the industry. Their guiding principle is encapsulated in the belief that “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” It is this ethos that sets us apart, prompting people to choose NKEMB over other digitizing companies. At every step, they ensure to provide sincere and integral service to their valued customers.

Contact Information: 

  • Website: nkemb.com
  • Email: digitize@nkemb.com
  • Hotline: +1609-473-0809

9. SEDigitizing – Custom embroidery digitizing service online at reasonable prices

Are you in search of a top-notch embroidery digitizing service provider capable of flawlessly transforming your artwork into a perfect stitch file? Concerned about investing your time and financial resources in inexperienced or unprofessional digital embroidery service providers? Worry no more, as we present the ideal solution – SEDigitizing. Their team comprises experienced members dedicated to delivering quality-focused work and ensuring superior customer satisfaction. What sets us apart is their impressive 12-hour turnaround time, allowing you to confidently place rush orders without the fear of delayed delivery.

embroidery companies usa

Continuously enhancing the quality of their embroidery digitizing service based on client feedback has led to a large number of loyal customers, with over 90% customer retention. Their customer care center agents are always ready to assist you with any inquiries regarding your order.

SEDigitizing offers a range of services, including Logo Digitizing Service, where their excellent professionals deliver first-class logo digitizing services in the USA around the clock. Their Vector Art Conversion Service provides an affordable solution for enlarging any raster photo or image file, with a remarkable 100% customer retention rate for this service. Additionally, they take pride in introducing our Custom Patches service, serving clients worldwide with a dedicated team committed to providing satisfactory quality. Choose SEDigitizing for unparalleled expertise, prompt service, and customer-centric solutions in the realm of embroidery digitizing.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: H# 224, AREA C-1, . . LANDHI
  • Skype: superembdigitize
  • Hotline: (209) 210-3877
  • Email: alvin@sedigitizing.com

10. Absolute Digitzing – USA Embroidery Digitizing Manufacturer

Hailing from the USA, Absolute Digitzing is a prominent embroidery digitizing company that caters to the diverse needs of both local and international clients. Specializing in custom embroidery digitizing and vector tracing, they seamlessly blend creativity, precision, and quality to provide well-executed artworks within record time frames, aligning seamlessly with your objectives.

Absolute Digitzing stands out as the most trusted digitizing and vector art service in the market, renowned for impeccable quality and the fastest turnaround time. Their team comprises the most skilled and experienced professionals, consistently available to cater to their customers’ needs. Partner with them and enjoy a hassle-free service experience that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 2849 46th St # 3, Astoria, NY 11103, USA
  • E-mail: absolutedigitizing@gmail.com
  • Website: absolutedigitizing.com


Above is a list of top 10 embroidery digitizing companies in USA suggested by K-Embroidery. Objectively, we must admit that countries such as the US, UK, Germany,… are always leading the world in the production of digital machine embroidery products. Although the price may be slightly higher than in some other countries, it is still a safe choice because of high product quality, good customer service, and low risk.

K-Embroidery with over 25 years of expertise in the field of embroidery in Vietnam can also be a worthy choice for you to consider. As a top-rated OEM/ODM Clothing Manufacturer, we can bring your custom clothing concept to life. Although our strength is hand embroidered & smocked products, we also have a modern machinery system to meet any digital machine embroidery order. Of course, the price at K-Embroidery will be much cheaper than in the USA.

Digitilizing Embroidery at K-Embroidery

Comment your questions below the article or fill out the contact form to receive the fastest support from K-Embroidery. Goodbye and see you again in the next articles!