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Are you looking for the most reputable Embroidery Services in Philippines for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In general, Filipino tailoring is highly appreciated for its meticulousness and care. Philippine garment factories often have strict quality control systems to ensure products meet international standards.

With more than 10 years of experience in the embroidery industry, I am always interested in sharing quality embroidery companies in each country.

The list of embroidery companies in Philippines below is the highest rated on Google and added a bit of a background context about each company so you get to know them a bit. The addresses have been verified and you can be completely assured of their reliability. Now, let’s find out!

1. Fabrica MNL Inc

Fabrica MNL Inc. knows that every customer has unique needs and goals. They ensure that each client’s unique needs are satisfied by working closely with their team of talented designers and experts. Their clientele, including Starbucks Philippines, FedEx, DHL, Rustan’s, SM, and many more, have come to rely on them for all of their bespoke uniform, corporate giveaways, and retail needs because of their dedication to quality and attention to detail.

  • Business products: bags, T-shirts, …
  • Price: $10 – $25
  • Processing time: around 10 – 20 days

Fabrica MNL Inc is one of the largest embroidery company in Philippines. They look forward to welcoming new partners in the future and are immensely appreciative to all of their clients who have enabled us to be a part of their journey. Do not hesitate to contact them right now if you would want to become one of their exclusive clientele and enjoy their top-notch services and goods!

embroidery services philippines

Contact Information:

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Norkis Bldg. #11 Calbayog corner DM Guevara Street,  Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550​
  • Local phone: (02) 7621-4474
  • Email: info@fabricamnl.com
  • Website: www.fabricamnl.com

2. Manila Embroidery Gold Inc

Manila Embroidery Gold Inc. is committed to becoming the top producer of business uniforms and event wear for men, women, and kids in the Philippines.

  • Business products: uniforms, jackets, …
  • Price: $10 – $20
  • Processing time: around 10 – 20 days

Manila Embroidery Gold Inc. was established in 1972 with the goal of producing high-quality, machine- and hand-made barongs, wedding dresses, computerized embroidery, and tailored clothing for both men and women.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2nd Floor, Unit A3, Manila Embroidery Gold Inc, 1018 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Local phone: 844-7651
  • Email: manilaembroidery@gmail.com
  • Website: megi.mystrikingly.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Megi.Style

3. Transfer It!

Transfer It! started as a bazaar in December 2008, where they unintentionally allowed clients “play with our ready prints & letters” to make their own distinctive, high-quality t-shirts. They have since expanded to include mugs, hats, purses, key chains, and other items that may be personalized.

  • Business products: mugs, hats, purses, …
  • Price: $10 – $25
  • Processing time: around 10 – 30 days

Transfer It!’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and genuine relationships with business partners ensure that the brand will continue to lead the industry in terms of product innovation, design trends, and customer service as the market continues to expand and create newcomers.


Contact Information:

  • Address: Santa Cruz, Manila, 1014 Metro Manila, Philippines; 1443 Felix Huertas Road
  • Local phone: (02) 8230 9700
  • Website: transferitrushprinting.business.site

4. Craft Clothing

Craft clothing is all about utilizing premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and fashionable patterns to bring your ideas to life. Creating customized items like t-shirts, tote bags, sports jerseys, and even drinkware with your logo and motto, will help you build your brand and expose your business in ways that posters, billboards, and magazine ads just can’t match.

  • Business products: jackets, polos, bags, …
  • Price: $10 – $20
  • Processing time: around 10- 20 days

Being the top clothing producer in the Philippines, Craft Clothing has collaborated with big businesses and leaders in the sector to meet their specialized clothing demands. Craft Clothing is known for creating high-quality items that reflect the vision of its customers, from fashionable face masks and purses to breathable polo shirts and jackets.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2F F’7 Bulding, Scout Rallos, Brgy Laging Handa, QC
  • Local phone: 0917-18-CRAFT (27238) or (02) 7507-5264 or 0917-874-0650 or 0917-882-7238
  • Email: sales@craftclothing.ph
  • Website: www.craftclothing.ph

5. Myne, Inc

In April 2010, Mark, Sarah, and G, three friends, formed Myne, Inc. Myne, Inc. is a pioneer in the industry. They are the pioneers in providing online digital printing services. They provide you with something that the majority of printing and signage businesses are unable to: the superior option of full-service customization without the need to visit their store in person. It’s more than just convenient, though. They also provide you with the benefit of a more extensive assortment of goods and services at affordable costs.

  • Business products: T-shirts, digital embroidery, …
  • Price: $10 – $20
  • Processing time: around 12 – 20 days

MYNE, Inc. will soon offer ongoing business promotions in an effort to grow both its clientele and its business. They will make an effort to provide you better services at more affordable prices.



Contact Information:

  • Address: 621D Jarn Building, Marcos Alvarez Avenue, Talon V, Las Pinas, 1747 Metro Manila
  • Local phone:  (0933)8517048
  • Email: myneinc@gmail.com
  • Website: myneinc.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/myneinc
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/daniellesembroidery
  • Twitter: www.instagram.com/myneincph

6. CustomPH

CustomPH now provides services for printing on embroidery! accessible for caps, coats, polos, and shirts. Ideal for business, school, and a variety of other uniforms!

  • Business products: T-shirts, uniforms, caps, …
  • Price: $15 – $20
  • Processing time: around 12 – 20 days

Their unique printing and embroidery method guarantees excellent results for embroidery prints with the highest level of accuracy and suitability for nearly any type of material.

Contact Information:

  • Address: THE MEDICAL PLAZA UNIT 2009 AMORSOLO ST. DELA ROSA corner  MAKATI Village, Legazozpi Village, Makati City, 1229
  • Local phone: 09054800160 / 09396209916 
  • Email: info@custom.ph
  • Website: custom.ph/embroidery
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/customph
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/custom.ph

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The top six embroidery businesses in the Philippines are renowned for offering superior services that combine state-of-the-art technology and creative ideas to achieve artistic excellence. These businesses specialize in fine embroidery, painstakingly crafting visually appealing products from logos and artwork with meticulous attention to detail. These digitizing firms are the best option for enterprises looking for high-quality embroidery solutions across the nation since they have a reputation for offering prompt, dependable services that regularly surpass customer expectations.

Finally, the decision is up to you. I hope you find your ideal companion!

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