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Hello everyone, I’m Camila, Embroidery Expert at K-Embroidery Factory. Product quality control is part of my daily work. And if you are interested in it then you’ve come to the right place!

At K-Embroidery, we always do our best to control the quality of each smocked dress! Before orders are shipped to customers, we meticulously follow a strict QC process to ensure perfection. Below are the 4 key tips we follow to maintain the highest standards for our smocking products.

Why is it necessary to strictly control product quality?

For garment products, having a strict QC process is important to ensure that each product is in the best condition before reaching the customer. Especially for hand embroidery companies, the quality of each product is different. QC is required to ensure the product does not have errors: excess threads, color deviation, size deviation,…

K-Embroidery clearly understands that we are a B2B manufacturer. With any errors, customers may not return. Therefore, each Hand smocked/Hand embroidered product from our factory goes through a special QC process.

In addition, our QC team also regularly uses some of the tips below to check product quality.

4 Tips to check the quality of smocked children’s clothing products

1. Check fabric quality by boiling and washing

Children’s clothing products must emphasize fabric quality. The fabric used must usually be high-quality, soft, chemical-free, non-irritating to young skin, etc. A common choice is 100% natural cotton.

But in reality, not all fabric suppliers in Vietnam are 100% trustworthy. There are units that mix unnatural ingredients into cotton, turning them into synthetic cotton fabric. This tip helps them save costs. However, they make the fabric quality poor because they contain substances that are not friendly to children’s skin. With the naked eye, it will be very difficult for us to recognize this poor quality fabric.

Therefore, to ensure our fabric supplier provides 100% cotton fabric, we often use the boiling and washing check method.

Check method by boilng

Cut a fabric sample about 100-200cm2 to make a test sample. Boil water to 100 degrees Celsius, then dip the fabric sample in and lift it up. You can dip 2 or 3 times to see clearer results.

If the fabric is 100% natural cotton, the fabric will be intact. On the contrary, if it is a synthetic cotton fabric mixed with other substances (such as polyester,…), you will see the fabric shrink and deform.

This method also helps determine the color fastness of the dye. Fabric dyed with high-quality dyes will not be affected, while with low-quality dyes, the fabric will become patchy and fade when exposed to high temperatures.

Method of checking by washing

This is a fairly simple check method. We choose a sample of the finished product to test with the washing machine. After the process of machine washing, wringing and drying, poor quality fabrics will reveal their defects: torn, threaded, faded, heavily wrinkled, deformed,…

2. Scrutinize all details with the naked eye

With the naked eye, we can identify some errors in children clothing products. Contents that need to be checked include:

  • Position of buttons: Quality products often pay attention to the smallest details such as buttons. The shirt button position is sewn very carefully and meticulously, the two edges of the stitching are sturdy. Poor quality products are often poorly sewn, have lint and lots of excess thread.
  • The edge of the garment: In order for the product to be of quality, folding the edges of the fabric is also a step that needs attention because it helps prevent the fabric from unraveling. For smocked dresses, the edges are usually required to be folded approximately 2-4cm.
  • Embroidered logos and slogans on shirts: K-Embroidery is an OEM/ODM clothing manufacturer, so we understand the importance of embroidered logos and slogans on shirts. Just a small mistake can affect the business’s brand promotion process.

3. Inspect embroidery lines and excess threads

With high-end garment products, consumers will always pay attention to embroidery lines and excess threads. Therefore, we need to carefully check these factors and promptly repair them before packaging and shipping.

Inspect embroidery lines: Find the sewing joints between two pieces of fabric, hold both sides of the seam and pull lightly. With a high quality smocked dress product of good quality, the straightness of the seams will be maintained and at the same time very little of the seams will be exposed. On the contrary, with poor quality products, we will immediately see significant deformation of the seams and obvious visibility of the seams.

With K-Embroidery products, we guarantee that each product is in the most perfect state before reaching the customer. You will not see any excess threads or seam errors in our products. In the rare case of an error, K-Embroidery is ready to exchange, refund or reduce the price for customers.

4. Verify form and style

In this process, it is necessary to check and compare the ordered sample with the sewing sample to see if it matches the form and style the customer ordered. Sometimes there will be many errors and mistakes during production, so during the inspection process you need to be careful. If a wrong design is discovered, QC staff will work with the production department to come up with a solution.

The above article is all information about 4 Tips in our QC process before sending products to customers shared by K-Embroidery. Hope the information is useful to you. See you in the next articles!