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You have gorgeous children’s clothing, but accessories such as buttons and zippers are inconvenient, unsafe, or even loosely sewn, lacking certainty, making the clothing look unsightly and ruin quickly. Standards for buttons, zippers, and sewing threads on children’s clothing products are developed to ensure safety and quality for children. So what are the standards for buttons, zippers and sewing threads on children’s clothing?

Sewing thread

Sewing thread on children’s clothing products needs to comply with safety and quality standards. Some important requirements include:

  • Safe design: Sewing thread should not have loose threads or loose threads that can be swallowed by small children, causing danger or getting caught in fingers. This not only affects children but also directly affects manufacturers.
  • Use safe materials: Sewing threads should be made from safe materials, do not cause skin irritation and meet quality standards. Absolutely safe for children.
  • Sewing quality: Sewing threads need to be sewn firmly, not easily slipping, not loose. Good seam quality not only helps ensure the product is not torn or damaged during use, but also helps the product look quality and professional.
K-Embroidery's sewing thread
K-Embroidery’s sewing thread


Buttons on children’s clothing need to comply with safety standards in terms of size, material and structure. Common requests include:

  • Structure: Buttons need to be securely attached to the garment and not easily slip or break. This helps avoid the risk of swallowing or choking, which is very dangerous for young children, especially children between the ages of 1-3 years old
  • Size: Buttons on children’s clothing need to be of the appropriate size to avoid the risk of accidental swallowing or suffocation.
  • Material: Buttons should be made from materials that do not irritate the skin and are safe, do not contain toxic compounds such as lead or phthalate (an additive often used in plastic production).
Buttons need to comply with safety standards
Buttons need to comply with safety standards


Zippers on children’s clothing need to comply with safety and quality standards. Some important requirements include:

  • Smooth operation: The zipper needs to operate smoothly, without getting stuck or having difficulty opening and closing. This can cause injury to the child, which is very dangerous.
  • Material: The material of the zipper needs to be safe and not cause irritation to children’s skin. It should also withstand impacts like washing and frequent pulling open without damage.
  • Safe design: Zippers on children’s clothing products need to have a safe design, avoiding the risk of getting caught on the skin or causing injury to children.
Zippers for children's clothes
Zippers for children’s clothes

Currently, there are many manufacturers using children’s garment accessories of unknown origin for their own profit. This directly affects children and the supplier’s brand. Just do a little research and attention and you’ll be a wise consumer among the countless choices out there. With the above sharing, K-embroidery hopes to help you with your shopping.

K-embroidery is proud to be one of the reputable factories that uses the best materials for each product. K-embroidery has achieved thousands of prestigious certificates. With the top criterion that quality is king we will meet all customers’ requirements.


Having clear standards for buttons, zippers, and sewing threads on children’s clothing products is essential for the safety and well-being of our little ones. These standards ensure that the buttons are securely attached, zippers are easy to use without the risk of getting stuck, and sewing threads are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

By prioritizing the safety of our children, we can create a world where they can explore, play, and grow without unnecessary risks.