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Are you wondering whether you should let your newborn wear a bodysuit? And how to wear a bodysuit for your baby properly? So let’s find the answer with K-Embroidery in the article below!

What is a bodysuit for newborns?

Bodysuit is a type of clothing for babies from 2 – 3 months old. This type of outfit is designed like a T-shirt but is extended to the crotch and secured with buttons or presses.

Bodysuit, Romper and Sleepsuit are often confused. Nursing mothers can identify these 3 types of outfits through this article: Difference between bodysuit, sleepsuit and romper.


How to put a bodysuit on a baby

There are two popular bodysuit styles: buttoned and pullover. Each style will have a different way of wearing. Right now I will guide you on how to put a bodysuit on a newborn in the most detailed way!

For bodysuits with buttons

Step 1: Unbutton all the buttons and spread them out on a flat surface.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 2: Place the baby so that the baby’s neck matches the collar.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 3: Slide your baby’s feet into the pant leg.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 4: Insert your baby’s hands one at a time into the sleeve.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 5: Close all the buttons.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

For bodysuits with pullover design

Step 1: Place your baby on a flat blanket.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 2: Next, you grab the outfit and then widen the collar. Then, carefully bring the collar over the baby’s head and gradually pull it down the body.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 3: Next, put the sleeve down to the wrist and gently pass the baby’s hand over.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 4: Adjust the collar, body, and sleeves so that the fabric does not get stuck on the baby’s body.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Step 5: Clothe the baby’s diaper as usual, then fasten the button and smooth the fabric under the baby’s butt.

how to put a bodysuit on a baby

Are bodysuits good for babies? 

Until now, the bodysuit or romper has always been one of the most popular outfits for newborns thanks to the following great benefits:

Changing diapers is easy

In the newborn stage, babies often go to the toilet using diapers. Choosing a bodysuit will help make the process of changing and closing diapers for your baby easy and quick because the crotch has a row of buttons that can be removed/closed very simply.

Besides, wearing a bodysuit helps keep your baby’s diaper in place. Avoid the situation where the diaper is dislodged, leading to the baby defecating outside and wetting surrounding items.

Help your baby move freely

A bodysuit will help your baby move more comfortably than any other type of clothing. This is extremely important because from the 3rd month onwards, babies start to be more active such as rolling over, crawling, raising their arms/legs,…

Keep your baby’s back and belly warm

Babies often stir when sleeping, causing the blanket to fall off, which can easily cause them to catch a cold and affect their health. With bodysuits, mothers don’t have to worry because they are discreetly designed and extend past the waist, helping to keep the baby’s back and belly warm.

Are bodysuits good for babies?

With the above benefits, mothers can feel completely secure when wearing a bodysuit for their babies. Currently, bodysuits also have many designs and colors for mothers to choose from. You can immediately refer to K-Embroidery’s hhan-smocked bodysuits for infants collection Right here!

Is it better for newborns to wear solid clothes or separate clothes?

Newborns will need to change many outfits in one day, so it will be quite inconvenient to have to change their shirts and pants. In addition, if wearing loose clothes, the child’s skin can easily be exposed, causing the child to feel cold. Therefore, wearing seamless clothes will bring more benefits to the health of newborns.

  • About time: When changing loose clothes, it will take more time because you have to change both shirt and pants. As for seamless clothes, mothers only need to wear them once simply.
  • Regarding the ability to keep warm: When moving or turning while wearing loose clothes, the baby’s stomach gets cold. When wearing overalls, the baby’s belly is always covered.
  • Regarding the possibility of causing vomiting: When the mother lifts the baby’s legs to change pants, it can easily cause the baby to vomit and reflux milk back into the mouth. As for seamless clothes, the mother only needs to unbutton the pants at the crotch to easily change.
  • Regarding convenience when changing diapers: With loose clothing, the mother must take off her pants first before changing the baby’s diaper. As for the one-piece, mothers only need to unbutton the crotch to easily change the baby’s diaper.
  • About neatness: Wearing one-piece clothes will help your baby look neat and move more conveniently.

Some notes when choosing to buy a bodysuit for newborns

Choose the right fabric material

Mothers should prioritize choosing bodysuits made from cotton because they are thin, light, and absorbent. This material will help care for your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. You should avoid synthetic materials because they will cause your baby’s skin to become irritated, red, itchy, etc.

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Choose the right size for your baby

Size is an important criterion for mothers to choose a bodysuit that is suitable for their baby. Mothers should choose a suitable size, not too loose or too tight so that the baby can move comfortably. Newborns develop very quickly, so mothers buy 3 – 5 sets for each stage to save costs.

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Note whether factors

Mothers should choose different bodysuit styles such as short-sleeved and long-sleeved to suit the weather of the year. On hot days, mothers should choose short-sleeved clothes so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable. As for cold days to keep your baby warm, mothers should prioritize choosing long-sleeved clothes!

Choose a reputable brand


Currently, there are many places selling bodysuits on the market. Therefore, you should research carefully and choose reputable brands with clear origins to ensure your baby’s safety.

K–Embroidery is a highly experienced and professional manufacturer of hand-smoked and embroidered children’s clothing with over 25 years of expertise. Our specialization is creating high-end boutique-quality clothing exclusively designed for babies and exporting all over the world.

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K-Embroidery has more than 200+ product models available on the website with diverse designs, from sleepsuits, and rompers to bodysuits,… In addition, you can contact our Sales team to receive the most complete Catalog!

Some other notes

  • Mothers should choose to buy a bodysuit with bright, gentle colors that will suit the baby better.
  • Newborns should still wear normal diapers.
  • Babies should only wear bodysuits from 2 – 3 months of age or older.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you can quickly and easily wear a bodysuit for your baby. If you still have questions about any issue, you can leave them in the comment section below the article. Our experts are here and ready to advise!!!