Smocking dresses first originated in England during the Elizabethan period around the 16th century. Over time, smocking fashion became a fashionable trend exclusively for the nobility, especially upper-class children. Smock fashion was not only popular in England but began to spread to Europe and most of the world.

Grasping the new trend, K-Embroidery has combined the smock style and traditional Vietnamese hand embroidery art to create products that are both luxurious and soft with skillful hand-embroidered details by the Vietnamese embroidery artist.


Never out of date” is the adjective we use for our hand smocked dresses wholesale. Although there are countless dress models for girls on the market today, smocking dresses still have a strong position thanks to their safety, comfort and beauty when worn.

What makes our hand-smocking dresses so special?

To create a smock dress, we have to go through many stages. The first is the selection of fabric materials. Materials for smocking require softness and lightness such as cotton, chiffon, linen, silk,...

Designing a smock dress is also very laborious, we have to measure and count each fold to ensure that the fabric has just enough elasticity so that the shape is not redundant but standard according to each size. After the smock stage comes the hand embroidery stage with unique designs on each product. Finally, it is cut, sewn and finished.

Wholesale smocked dresses at K-Embroidery

What makes our smock dresses so special is that each product created has its own beauty, no two are alike. Because each product created by tailors and embroiderers breathes unique soul into them.

With a team of experienced and dedicated staff, K-Embroidery is always creative and creates more and more products that are loved around the world.

With each product launched, we have both passion for the profession and love for children. We always want to bring good, quality and pretty products to girls, turning them into wonderful lovely princesses.

Wholesale smocked dresses at K-Embroidery - Great choice for your business

K–Embroidery is a highly experienced and professional manufacturer of hand-smoked and embroidered children’s clothing with over 25 years of expertise. Based in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, our specialization is creating high-end boutique quality clothing exclusively designed for babies and exporting all over the world.


Types of embroidered smocked dress at K-Embroidery

You can easily access wholesale smocked dresses from K-Embroidery through our Website, Instagram or Facebook. The fastest way, please contact our 24/7 Sales team via Whatsapp: +84 85 555 5961 for free support.

Types of embroidered smocked dress at K-Embroidery

Price list of hand embroidered smocked dresses

Below is the wholesale price list of hand embroidered smocked dresses at K-Embroidery. Price is calculated in USD, varies based on product quantity (smallest is 100 pieces and largest is 1000 pieces). The more you buy, the bigger the discount policy you will receive.

Eg: Order Quantity is 400 pieces, you will get discount by 3%. So, the cost is 400pcs x sale price x 97%

Price list of hand embroidered smocked dresses

How to buy wholesale smocked dresses at K-Embroidery?

Below are ordering instructions for wholesale customers at K-Embroidery:

How to buy wholesale smocked dresses at K-Embroidery?

Production time for bulk order

Currently, K-Embroidery is providing wholesale smocked dresses with production time of 30-40 days for bulk orders. Among them, the Step that takes the longest time is Sewing (about 3-14 days). Because we embroider entirely by hand, it may not be as fast as machine embroidery. But in return, the quality of the product you receive will not disappoint you.

Our production time is currently at least 5-15 days faster than other companies.

Production time for bulk order

Warranty policy

Not many wholesale embroidery companies dare to promise to refund or exchange customers when errors occur. On the other hand, K-Embroidery puts reputation first, always wanting long-term cooperation with all customers. Therefore, we have developed a very specific guarantee policy as follows:

Warranty policies


If you have any questions or want to purchase, please contact K-Embroidery at the following contact information:

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