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Currently, bodysuits, sleepsuits and rompers are increasingly popular with young mothers because all three types of products both bring comfort to the baby and enhance the adorable appearance of the little angels. You will be completely assured that your baby’s clothes will not be messy and that important areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, and chest will always be kept warm even if the baby rolls over, crawls, or is carried from person to person others. And especially when sleeping, the baby is completely kept warm and will not get cold even if the baby throws off the blanket or turns over.

Let’s join K-Embroidery to find out the uses of each type to see the differences between bodysuit, sleepsuit and romper, which will help you easily choose the most suitable product for your baby.

1. Bodysuit


  • Designed to last past the waist and fixed with a button or press at the crotch of the pants. Cover collar: easy to dress your baby. Bodysuit is also used as underwear for babies. Bodysuit does not cover the newborn baby’s legs.
  • Uses: Convenient for diapering, keeps baby’s belly warm, comfortable, easy to move, so mothers often wear bodysuits for their babies during the day.

2. Sleepsuit


  • Just like a bodysuit, but the sleepsuit is all the way to the legs (there will be sleepsuits with and without leg covers). The buttons also stretch from the collar down to almost the end of the leg.
  • The material of the sleepsuit is usually thicker and warmer, and can have an additional layer of cotton inside, so mothers often choose a sleepsuit for their baby at night when the baby sleeps because it optimizes keeping the baby warm.

3. Romper


  • It is a combination of bodysuit and sleepsuit because the leg part of the romper only reaches the baby’s thighs (the length of the romper will be shorter than the sleepsuit but longer than the bodysuit). The sleeves and thighs are short and decorated with more eye-catching details and patterns.
  • Uses: Often used when the weather is hotter, especially on hot summer days. Do not wear with a bodysuit.

Hopefully the above useful information can help you distinguish between bodysuit, sleepsuit, romper and make the right choice for your baby.