Mrs. Camila – Embroidery Expert at K-Embroidery Factory

I was born in Vietnam, a country famous for traditional embroidery. Being exposed to embroidery from an early age is the driving force for me to work in the embroidered clothing business. I have traveled to many places around the world, UK, USA, Spain, China, Thailand,… and worked with leading embroidery companies. With experience and passion, I have led K-Embroidery to become the largest embroidery company in Vietnam, accompanying more than 1000+ wholesalers worldwide per year.

About me

I was born in 1995 in Dong Cuu Village (Dung Tien commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi) famous for traditional embroidery, especially embroidering dragon robes for feudal kings of Vietnam. After hundreds of years of history, today, the people of Dong Cuu embroidery village still preserve the embroidering style to restore dragon robes so that the craft does not disappear. Having been exposed to embroidery threads and fabrics since childhood, I have an endless passion for traditional embroidery and wish to bring embroidery products from Vietnam to the world.

Mrs Camila & K-Embroidery’s hand smocked & embroidered products

In 2012, I had the opportunity to go to China to work at Hangzhou Sakura Thread Co., Ltd. This is the largest embroidery supplies company in this country. Here, I directly participate in the process of producing threads, yarn as well as fabrics. I really appreciate the knowledge I received after 2 years working here, as a QC employee.

Since 2014, I returned to my country and started my embroidery business journey. I opened a small shop selling traditional embroidery (Theu Viet). I was fortunate to receive the help of many friends, so after 2 years, the store has grown and reached many customers.

From 216-2018, I was continuously invited to attend embroidery exhibitions and fairs in the UK, USA, Spain, China, Thailand,… Here, I met with leading embroidery companies in the world. world. I also had the opportunity to improve my embroidery knowledge. That’s all interesting and useful knowledge because embroidered clothes were very popular during this time period. 

My predestined affinity to work in K-Embroidery Factory 

After many years of traveling all over the world, I have come to know what a reliable embroidery manufacturer is. I’m also aware that it turns out that traditional Vietnamese hand-embroidered products are actually of very good quality. It would be a pity if they did not reach customers in need.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy, CEO of K-Embroidery, here our relationship began.

Based on customers’ trust, I was invited to be CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at K-Embroidery Company. This is really a good environment, with good colleagues. We have a team of experienced Vietnamese workers who can create thousands of hand-embroidered clothing products every month. What’s special is that K-Embroidery is a place that can help spread Vietnamese embroidery products around the world. That’s also the reason I’m so attached to this company.

Together, we have reaped many awards and achievements: TOP BRAND 2019, 2021, 2022,… (independent international evaluation certificate), Top 10 Vietnamese Brands Award 2022, 2023,. .., etc.

Vission & Mission

With the life motto “Giving is receiving”, I always try my best to bring value to customers and partners.

My mission is to share knowledge about the embroidery and clothing industry (especially children’s clothing), support those who are just starting their fashion business journey and warn them from unsuitable clothing suppliers. reliable.

My goal is not only to spread the quality of traditional Vietnamese hand embroidery products to the world, but also to create a fashion business community to share knowledge, support each other and develop together.

Experience & Achivements

  • Graduated from National Economics University majoring in Business Administration
  • 10+ years as an author sharing knowledge, tips, experience,… about embroidery and fashion.
  • 2 years working in China
  • Experience working in UK, USA, Spain, China, Thailand,…
  • 6+ years as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at K-Embroidery
  • Admin of many knowledge groups about fashion, fabrics,…