Vision & Mission


The leading factory for HAND EMBROIDERY AND PRODUCT SEWING from Vietnam.

The trustworthy and reliable FACTORY

K = Quality is King

Vision statement

During 25 years of development, K-EMBROIDERY is one of the leading wholesale companies in Vietnam which is powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • 1999: Established as small merchandise to collect handmade embroidery products from Vietnam to England
  • 2003: Extend more products in the portfolio: Infant – Bodysuit, Girl Swimwear, Napping, TableNapkins, Placemat & Napkin set
  • 2009: 2013 Build a garment factory in North Vietnam
  • 2012: Exported to many countries in the world such as the US, Middle East countries, Japan, Korea…
  • 2017: Go online, where partners worldwide can find us via our website and Alibaba store
  • 2022: Successfully export to over 85 countries in the world focusing on Girl Smocked Clothing, Infant – Bodysuits, Napping, Table Napkins, Placemats & Napkin set

In the upcoming decade, our vision is to be the Top 10 Embroidery Companies in Southeast Asia and the Top 100 Embroidery Experts in the world, especially for HAND EMBROIDERY AND PRODUCT SEWING from Vietnam

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Becoming a reputable export company in enhancing the value of Vietnamese embroidery products, providing the best products where people put their faith in quality Vietnamese embroidery and smock products, K-Embroidery has been well-known as a

Mission statement

Our biggest mission is to bring the best value of Vietnamese embroidery products to the world.

Today, import is becoming a vital part of B2B business. Each country has strength in making specific products, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam is famous for being the second-largest embroidery exporting country as well as other embroidery products such as baby socks, bodysuits, napkins… K-Embroidery growing company is built on a commitment to helping Vietnamese workers have a better and more prosperous life

Introducing Vietnamese embroidery products to the international market, so that not only Vietnamese consumers but also international friends can enjoy quality products from Vietnamese embroidery products. We aim to bring Vietnamese high-quality embroidery products to global importers at the most reasonable price

K-Embroidery builds a learning environment. All members, officers, and workers are given the tools and opportunities to continually learn and improve their skill sets that support their building long-term careers. The company and stakeholders can live with passion and be the best version of themselves. Business must be founded on mutual trust and legal assurance on both sides. Our goal is customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration.


Allow K-Embroidery to accompany you to the pinnacle of your company’s success!