1. Refund & Exchange policy

With the mission to serve customers with the best smocked and embroidered items, K-Embroidery Factory welcomes your refund & exchange offers when the problem arises. And to make sure we all follow a professional manner, below are some notes for you to get before making any offers of refund and exchange:

  • Applicable products: Includes ALL products provided by K-Embroidery
  • Within 7 days of receiving the packet.
  • Garment MUST be unused, or unwashed.
  • The product MUST still have the tags intact and is in its original state.
  • Returned packages MUST include a copy of the original invoice.
  • Garment MUST be confirmed defected by the company.
  • The packets MUST be returned exactly with the information that was provided by the K-Embroidery Company within the allotted time (we do not take credits or refunds if you make any mistake).
  • The product MUST be listed as a non-customized product (that was not included in our catalogs).

Notification: We will not accept refunds or exchanges for buyer remorse or expired deposit and will not accept your refunds or exchanges that do not follow the requirements. We only issue refunds or exchanges for wrong sent or manufacturing errors.

K-Embroidery Factory refund & exchange policy
K-Embroidery Factory refund & exchange policy

2. Return & Exchange Process

Once you matter the notes above and make sure that your case is suitable for offering a refund and exchange, here are the 5 simple steps for you to contact us and have the issue solved:

  1. Contact our Customer Service department to issue a refund or exchange.
  2. Send pictures or videos of the products, and the invoice date to prove that it is refundable (exchangeable) according to the company refund requirements.
  3. When the packet is confirmed refundable, customers can start sending the packet back to the information provided by K-Embroidery company for direct check. Customers will need to pay all the fees, including shipping and customs fees in Vietnam.
  4. After the packet is received by us, we’ll check for defects and determine who is responsible for the faults. (We’ll stop processing the refund if the packet is not the same as in the pictures or videos that we received earlier)
  5. After the items match the conditions and requirements for return and exchange, the company will issue an exchange or refund by Vietnamese Bank account.

3. Shipping and Customs Fees for Refund & Exchange

Another important thing to notice when there is a refund & exchange issue is about the fee. The only fees arising here are the customs and shipping fee:

  • K-Embroidery will pay the shipping fees for wrong sent or manufacturing errors only.
  • The customers will pay the shipping fees and customs fees so that K-Embroidery can receive the garment and check if there is any error.

K-Embroidery Factory is open to your opinion about our policy. Please let us know if you have any recommendations for us to improve our work. We appreciate every one of your contributions.