I. Contact

K-Embroidery official contact:

II. Privacy Policy

Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Data: 

K-Embroidery respects your personal information, so we don’t require you to leave any information public on the website to order the garment. All the business process is through WhatsApp chat and calls only.

This is a private discussion, and all the personal information you provide is only used for processing payment and shipping. We commit to not sharing your information with third parties.

K-Embroidery Privacy Policy
K-Embroidery Privacy Policy

III. Order & Payment Policy

Order Process

Please follow the steps below as our suggestion for your orders:

  1. Search for your products on our website or our catalog
  2. Select your final one and send its name with a detailed description (style, pattern, material, etc) to our Hotline at +84 85 555 5961. You can also contact our sales staff directly via WhatsApp number. We have a professional team with expertise in languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian to support you with the best
  3. Confirm your final decision with us regarding types, descriptions, and quantity
  4. We will send order confirmation with the invoice
  5. You confirm the invoice and make payment. Our factory will start making it when we get your money
  6. Our factory will update your status of production every day. You can video call us anytime to see your product in our factory (This privilege is just applied in our K-Embroidery factory)
  7. We make a video call for you to check the quantity of garments when we finish your production. We ONLY SHIP WHEN YOU ARE SATISFIED.
  8. The order will be packed properly before being sent to Logistics Providers.
K-Embroidery – Steps to order

Pricing & Currency Conversion

All prices quoted in US dollars:

  • Payment options: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, and Nigerian agents.
  • International transaction fee: K-Embroidery is a Vietnamese-operated company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, with shipping facilities worldwide. If you are ordering outside of Vietnam, your credit card company or bank might charge you a fee of $1-$10. This fee is not charged by K-Embroidery as it is charged directly by your bank because you are purchasing something outside of your country of origin.

IV. Shipping & Delivery Policy

Buying smocking clothes from K-Embroidery, you can choose one from a variety of shipping methods, as long as it is of your convenience. Order shipping by Air and Sea:

Small packages: door-to-door shipping & all-in shipping: 

  • Small packages will be sent in the form of door-to-door shipping or all-in shipping, depending on customer choice. Moreover, sample orders are shipped by renowned companies, such as DHL, VPS, FedEx, and TNT.

Large volume packages: containers, semi-covered or bareboat:

  • Large volume packages will be the main package with low value when purchased from K – Embroidery will be sent by sea in containers, semi-covered or bareboat. There is also a complex customs procedure, so the shipping price will be lower.

V. Payment Policy

We support online payment services through many different systems (bank transfer, Western Union, onepay,…), customers can refer to the information in the table below.

K-Embroidery shipping & payment policy

VI. Returns & Exchanges

Requirements for Refund & Exchange

  • Applicable products: Includes ALL products provided by K-Embroidery
  • Within 7 days of receiving the packet.
  • Garment MUST be unused, unwashed.
  • The product MUST still have the tags intact and is in its original state.
  • Returned packages MUST include a copy of the original invoice.
  • Garment MUST be confirmed defected by the company.
  • The packets MUST be returned exactly with the information that was provided by the K-Embroidery Company within the allotted time (we do not take credits or refunds if you make any mistake).
  • The product MUST be listed as non-customized products (that were not included in our catalogs).

Notification: We will not accept refunds or exchanges for buyer remorse or expired deposits and will not accept your refunds or exchanges that do not follow the requirements. We only issue refunds or exchanges for wrong sent or manufacturing errors.

K-Embroidery refund & exchange policy

Process of Refund & Exchange

  1. Contact our Customer Service department to issue a refund or exchange.
  2. Send pictures or videos of the products, and invoice date to prove that it is refundable (exchangeable) according to the company refund requirements.
  3. When the packet is confirmed refundable, customers can start sending the packet back to the information provided by K-Embroidery company for direct check. Customers will need to pay all the fees, including shipping and customs fees in Vietnam.
  4. After the packet is received by us, we’ll check for defects and determine who is responsible for the faults. (We’ll stop processing the refund if the packet is not the same as in the pictures or videos that we received earlier)
  5. After the items match the conditions and requirements for return and exchange, the company will issue an exchange or refund by Vietnamese Bank account.

Shipping Fees for Refund & Exchange

  • K-Embroidery will pay the shipping fees for wrong sent or manufacturing errors only.
  • The customers will pay the shipping fees and customs fees so that K-Embroidery can receive the garment and check if there is any error.

VII. After Sales Services

K-Embroidery is the only manufacturer of hand-smoking and embroidered children’s clothing in Vietnam that offers a forever warranty policy for customers. This policy is applied to loyal wholesale customers. We are willing to support and exchange products in case there are any matters during usage. Even when the matter comes from customers’ fault, we will support them to the best of our ability.

VIII. Quality Guarantee

K-Embroidery Quality Guarantee