1. About us

K-Embroidery is a highly experienced and professional manufacturer in Vietnam. We produce and export Vietnamese hand-smoked andembroidered children’s clothing extensions to customers all over the world, including Africa, America, Europe and Australia, etc. Our factory is located in Hai Duong province, a craft village famous for making hand embroidered garment. Meanwhile, the headquarters is located in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, where sales staff work and serve customers around the world.

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K-Embroidery’s staff

2. Explore your future with different positions

At K Embroidery, your job opportunities are always open with many different positions:

  • Human resource management
  • Sales
  • Quality control
  • Customer services
  • Marketing

3. FAQs about careers at K-Embroidery

1. How to know about the vacancy and apply?

Once there are vacancies, we will upload the detailed information on Vietnamese career websites such as Topcv, Ybox, Careerbuilder, etc. Please keep noticing to get updated.

2. Does K-Embroidery hire foreign employees?

Yes. K-Embroidery is a Vietnamese company, but we do business with customers worldwide. Mastering foreign languages and cultures is actually a plus point of foreign employees when it comes to job applications. As long as you meet the standard of the job requirements, you will get hired.

3. Can I work fully from home?

No. Work at K-Embroidery requires your attendance at the office to complete the tasks such as checking garment quality or reporting work performances directly to the manager, etc.