Crafters Reveal: Where to Buy Embroidery Floss for the Best Deals

where to buy embroidery floss
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Where to buy embroidery floss is a question many stitchers, both seasoned and beginners, find themselves asking. From my experience, I feel that the variety of floss available has expanded, especially with the emergence of new technologies that allow for high-quality threads made of long-staple fibers like Egyptian cotton. Whether you are into cross-stitch, machine embroidery, or hand-sewing, knowing where to find premium cotton embroidery floss that suits your needs is essential. Shops like Cosmo and Etsy seller NorgroveEnterprises are fantastic places to start, not only for their divisible thread options but also for the special offers they often provide.

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with different colors and textures, your best bet is a shop that offers a wide variety of threads, from skeins to spools. You might even come across exclusive machine embroidery sets or a powerful purse flap designed specifically for thread storage. Reviews and customer feedback are vital resources when making your selection, as they provide real-world recommendations and insights into quality, price, and delivery options. Many online sites use similar technologies and policies to make the site work seamlessly, ensuring your thread shopping is a breeze. Some even offer monthly sew subscriptions that provide new collections of threads and even fabric and quilting supplies straight to your doorstep each month.

In this article, K-Embroidery will delve deeper into these aspects, providing you with comprehensive information to guide your embroidery floss shopping journey.

Introduction Of Embroidery Floss

Introduction Of Embroidery Floss

Embroidery can be an incredibly rewarding and creative endeavor, but the quality of your work often depends on the type of materials you choose. Embroidery floss or stranded cotton is a unique type of thread characterized by its loosely twisted, slightly glossy texture and usually comes in 6-strand threads. These threads can be made of various materials including cotton, silk, linen, and rayon. 

The main difference between embroidery floss and regular sewing thread is their texture. From my experience and expertise, it’s crucial to understand these nuances before exploring where to buy embroidery floss.

Separating the Strands of Embroidery Floss

One of the fascinating aspects of embroidery floss is its strand separability. To separate the strands, pinch the end of the thread between your thumb and forefinger. Take one strand in your other hand, pinch the remaining thread again, and pull the single strand upward. Continue this process until the entire strand is separated. This feature offers greater versatility and allows you to control the thickness of your embroidery stitches.

How Many Strands of Embroidery Floss to Use

The number of strands you use can dramatically alter the look of your embroidery. If you want a bold line, three strands would be ideal. For a finer line, you might opt for two strands. And for extremely fine, delicate details, a single strand will suffice.

Fabric Count

The fabric count directly influences the size of your stitches and design. Fabrics with 14 to 36 threads per inch are most commonly used in embroidery. The higher the count, the smaller the stitches will be.

Number of Strands

Deciding on the number of strands correlates with your fabric count and desired detail level. The smaller the fabric count, the fewer strands you may need.

How Many Strands of Embroidery Floss to Use

Top Places Where to Buy Embroidery Floss?

Embroidery floss is an essential ingredient for any embroidery or cross-stitch project. Knowing where to buy embroidery floss that suits your specific needs can make a world of difference in your craft. Various outlets offer an assortment of qualities, colors, and types of embroidery floss. From my experience and expertise, here are some of the top places you should consider.

Local Craft Stores

Your neighborhood craft store can be a treasure trove of embroidery floss options. One advantage of buying from local craft stores is that you can physically examine the floss for quality and color. Additionally, you can usually find various types, including cotton, silk, and rayon floss.

Online Retailers

If convenience is your priority, numerous online retailers specialize in craft supplies, including a wide variety of embroidery floss. Websites often provide customer reviews and detailed descriptions, allowing you to make an informed decision even without seeing the product in person. Quick delivery options make this a particularly appealing choice.

Specialty Embroidery Shops

For those who take their embroidery seriously, specialty embroidery shops offer high-quality floss that you may not find elsewhere. These stores usually feature a curated selection of premium brands and hard-to-find colors and materials.

Specialty Embroidery Shops

Global Marketplaces 

Global marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon offer a broad spectrum of options, from hand-dyed flosses by independent sellers to bulk options at a lower price point. The advantage here is the vast selection and the ability to buy from sellers worldwide.

Table: Summary of Where to Buy Embroidery Floss

Outlet Type Advantages Limitations
Local Craft Stores Quality inspection, immediate purchase Limited variety
Online Retailers Convenience, customer reviews Can’t inspect before buying
Specialty Shops High-quality, unique options May be pricier
Global Marketplaces Vast selection, various price points Quality may vary


By considering these options and understanding your specific needs and priorities, you’ll be well-equipped to make the best choice when deciding where to buy embroidery floss for your next project.

Embroidery Floss Brands: Where to Buy Embroidery Floss?

When it comes to embroidery, the floss you choose can significantly impact the quality and appearance of your finished project. Knowing where to buy embroidery floss from reputable brands is crucial for ensuring durable, vibrant, and high-quality outcomes. From my experience and expertise, I’ve found that not all embroidery floss is created equal. In this guide, I will discuss some of the leading brands in the industry and where you can find them.


Artiste is a brand that offers a wide range of colors and is generally more budget-friendly than some other brands. Their floss is durable and vibrant, making it an excellent option for both beginners and seasoned embroiderers. Artiste floss can often be found in local craft stores and through various online retailers.

Loops and Threads

Loops and Threads is another popular choice for embroidery enthusiasts. This brand is known for its high-quality, long-lasting floss that comes in a variety of shades. It’s a bit pricier but often worth the investment for serious embroiderers. You can typically find Loops and Threads floss at specialized craft stores and online.

Friendship Thread

Friendship Thread is not just for making friendship bracelets; it’s also quite versatile for various embroidery projects. Known for its affordability and wide color range, this brand is excellent for those looking to practice their skills without spending a fortune. You can commonly find Friendship Thread in craft stores and online marketplaces like Amazon.


When it comes to embroidery floss, DMC is often considered the gold standard. Known for its superior quality, it’s made from long-staple Egyptian cotton and comes in an extensive range of colors. Most professional embroiderers swear by DMC floss for its durability and colorfastness. You can find DMC in specialty embroidery shops, craft stores, and numerous online outlets.

Embroidery Floss Brands

Table: Summary of Where to Buy Embroidery Floss by Brand

Brand Quality Price Point Where to Buy
Artiste Moderate Budget Craft Stores, Online Retailers
Loops and Threads High Mid-range Specialized Craft Stores, Online
Friendship Thread Moderate Budget Craft Stores, Amazon
DMC High Premium Specialty Shops, Craft Stores, Online


In this article, we’ve explored some of the best brands where you can buy high-quality embroidery floss. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a brand that will fit your needs and budget.

Securing Your Embroidery Floss

When it comes to embroidery, how you start and secure your floss can make a significant difference in the final product’s durability and appearance. This is especially important considering the various options you have for where to buy embroidery floss. From my experience and expertise, the methods of using waste knots and away waste knots are particularly effective for both beginners and seasoned stitchers. 

Starting with a Waste Knot

The Waste Knot method is often the go-to for many embroiderers for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s called a waste knot because the knot is placed at the end of your floss and then snipped off after you’ve stitched over it. This ensures that the floss is secure and lays flat against the fabric. Waste knots are commonly used in needlepoint and are ideal for projects that require a seamless finish. The waste knot is generally placed in the direction that you’ll be stitching toward, allowing the thread tail to be immediately stitched over.

Starting with an Away Waste Knot

The Away Waste Knot method is another effective way of securing your floss. Unlike the waste knot, an away knot is placed in a direction you won’t be stitching towards. This method is particularly useful at the beginning of your project. It’s an easy start that’s good for both beginners and experts. Once you’ve stitched a certain length, you can then snip off the away knot, and the floss will be securely anchored.

Securing Your Embroidery Floss

Table: Comparison Between Waste Knot and Away Waste Knot

Method Ease of Use Suitability Direction Usage
Waste Knot Easy General Toward Stitched Over
Away Waste Knot Easy Beginners Away from Snipped Off


Factors to Consider When Buying Embroidery Floss

Embroidery is an art form that relies heavily on the quality of materials used. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your first project or an experienced embroiderer seeking to expand your thread collection, knowing where to buy embroidery floss is crucial. From my experience and expertise, there are several factors you must consider when making your purchase. This guide aims to shed light on key aspects such as quality, color range, price, sustainability, and brand reputation.


Quality should be your top priority when shopping for embroidery floss. High-quality floss yields vibrant, long-lasting embroidery work, while lower-quality floss can lead to dull and fuzzy results. Cheaper cotton embroidery flosses, for example, have a fuzzy texture that can make your embroidery look dull. Therefore, always opt for floss made from long-staple cotton or silk for the best results.

Color Range

Another critical factor is the range of colors available. Some projects require a broad spectrum of hues and shades, so you need to ensure that the brand you choose offers a diverse palette. Always go for a brand that provides both standard and unique shades to give you maximum flexibility in your projects.


Price is often indicative of quality, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Look for a balance between cost and quality, keeping in mind that investing in superior floss will likely save you the hassle of frequent replacements and give you a finer end product.

Factors to Consider When Buying Embroidery Floss


In today’s world, sustainability cannot be ignored. Many brands now offer eco-friendly floss made from sustainable materials. While these may be a bit pricier, they’re an excellent choice for those who want to practice embroidery responsibly.

Brand Reputation

Finally, consider the reputation of the brand you’re choosing. Established brands often guarantee consistency in quality, color, and durability. Do some research and read customer reviews to ensure you’re making a wise investment.

 Tips for Storing and Maintaining Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss, as delicate and colorful as it is, requires meticulous care for long-lasting vibrancy and usability. From my experience and expertise, effective storage and maintenance are as crucial as knowing where to buy embroidery floss. This article will guide you through various strategies for keeping your floss organized, visible, and clean.

Storage Tips

One popular method involves winding the skein of floss around cardboard or plastic bobbins. This keeps the floss from tangling and makes it easier to see all your colors at once. You can then arrange these bobbins in transparent storage boxes, which are immensely popular because they allow you to view the entire spectrum of colors without having to open the box.

The 4×6 Photo Box Method

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, the 4×6 photo boxes and the DMC color card system are highly recommended. This system not only keeps your floss organized and clean but also saves a considerable amount of time when you are searching for the right color. What’s more, these boxes don’t take up a lot of room, making them a convenient choice for those with limited space.

FAQs about Where to Buy Embroidery Floss

Where can I buy high-quality embroidery floss?

High-quality embroidery floss can be purchased at local craft stores, online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, and specialty embroidery shops. Always check customer reviews and brand reputation before making a purchase. The brand DMC is widely recognized for producing high-quality floss.

Can I buy embroidery floss in bulk?

Yes, you can buy embroidery floss in bulk both online and in some local stores. This is especially helpful if you have a large project or if you’re running an embroidery business. Bulk purchases often come at a discounted rate, saving you money in the long run.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable brands of embroidery floss to buy?

Sensa Green is one of the most sustainable embroidery threads in the world. Manufactured from sustainably harvested trees, it offers a greener alternative without compromising quality. Look for eco-friendly certifications when shopping to make sure you’re getting a truly sustainable product.

Is it cheaper to buy embroidery floss online or in-store?

Prices can vary widely, but generally, buying online may offer more discounts and promotions. However, in-store shopping allows you to see the colors and texture up close, which could save you from making a purchase you might regret.

Which countries produce the best embroidery floss available for purchase?

France and Italy are renowned for their high-quality embroidery floss, especially brands like DMC. However, quality floss is produced in many other countries as well. The origin of the floss can often indicate its quality, so it’s wise to check this information before buying.

How do I buy embroidery floss suitable for beginners?

For beginners, we recommend working with 6-stranded cotton floss while you practice your skills. Cotton floss is durable, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive, making it ideal for those new to embroidery.

Are there any monthly subscription boxes for embroidery floss?

Yes, there are subscription boxes such as The Hopebroidery Box, designed with total beginners in mind. These boxes typically come with a variety of floss colors and additional materials, providing a one-stop solution for embroidery needs.

Is it possible to buy a sampler pack of embroidery floss to test out colors?

Absolutely. Sampler packs are available in various stores and online platforms. These packs come in a variety of colors, allowing you to test and choose the most suitable hues for your project.

How can I ensure color consistency when buying embroidery floss across different batches?

To ensure color consistency, buy from reputable brands and check the color codes carefully. It’s advisable to buy a little extra floss than needed, in case of slight color variations in future batches.

Do online retailers offer returns or exchanges on embroidery floss purchases?

Most online retailers allow returns or exchanges on unopened and unused floss. However, embroidered items are often considered final sale and cannot be returned for a refund or exchange. Always check the return policy before making your purchase.

Conclusion for Where to Buy Embroidery Floss

In your journey to answer the question of where to buy embroidery floss, multiple factors come into play, including quality, price, and brand reputation. From my experience, I feel that the better the floss you use, the more vibrant and long-lasting your embroidery projects will be. But the equation isn’t complete without also considering storage and maintenance; a well-preserved skein can save you both time and money in the long run.

Equipped with all this knowledge, you are now more prepared to make an informed choice, whether you are shopping in local craft stores or browsing through online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon. Information, data, and knowledge cannot be ignored when you’re looking to invest in something as detailed and delicate as embroidery floss.

So why keep all this valuable information to yourself? Share this post with your friends and neighbors who are also on the quest for the perfect embroidery floss. Let’s spread the crafty love and elevate our embroidery game together!

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