Towards K-Embroidery Factory, sales is not all about pushing orders and revenues; what we aim at is also the long-term value that we can create and maintain with each beloved customer. That is the reason why our after sales services are always among the top priorities that sales staff need to care about. Working with K-Embroidery Factory, you will be served with these after sales services:

1. Refunds & Exchanges

Many commercial companies whose sole purpose is to make money cannot offer you return/refund & exchange policies. There are many reasons for this:

  • They are just commercial companies or resellers, so they do not have the ability to fix the garment and give you an exchange.
  • They put revenues first. Meanwhile, refunds & exchanges are money and time-consuming, no good for their business. They choose to let their customers suffer from the faults.

On the other hand, K-Embroidery Factory is a REAL EMBROIDERY FACTORY that offers you refund and exchange services after sales with clear policy.

  • We are the embroidery smocked factory – biggest wholesale embroidery factory in Vietnam, so we have skilled workers who can fix the problem properly.
  • We prioritize customer experience rather than our own profits, so we are willing and open to your offers.

We are a wholesale embroidery smocked children clothing factory with more than 24 years of establishment and development, and we know that making mistakes during the business is a pity but cannot be 100% impossible. We always try our best to serve customers the best. However, if there is any mistake from us, we are truly sorry and willing to improve the situation. Here is our REFUND & EXCHANGE policy for short:

K Embroidery Company Refund & Exchange Policy

2. Warranty Policies

K-Embroidery is proud to be the only smocking factory in Vietnam that offers a forever warranty policy for customers. This policy is applied for loyal wholesale customers. We are willing to support and exchange products in case there are any matters during usage. Even when the matter comes from customers’ fault, we will support them to the best of our ability.

This is our good-will with the hope that we can build harmony with our beloved customers. Each customer who decides to choose us out of thousands of wholesale children clothing suppliers worldwide is really precious to us. We want to show our love through not only our high-quality products and professional sales services but also after sale services as well, which are of importance.

K-Embroidery Company forever warranty policy

3. Further Companion & Advice

K-Embroidery is an established and leading company in the wholesale smocking children clothes market, so we also desire sharing our experience besides supplying garment extensions. We are willing to guide you to start and run a smocking garment business. Even after the sales, we are willing to keep in touch with you and give you useful advice on your business.

We hope that our after sales services will cement us together to build such meaningful long-term relationships in the wholesale embroidery children clothes market. Please feel free to contact us help center whenever you need help.